Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Sweet Surrender of Janet Buchanan

The Sweet Surrender of Janet Buchanan
by Paula Quinn

A highlander with so many lasses, suddenly found that his heart has been conquered by a woman of a rival clan.
Janet and Darach's story starts in the first book of the Highland Heirs series, The Seduction of Miss Amelia Bell. Their story is small, you know there is an attraction between them but you don't get to know more about it until The Sweet Surrender of Janet Buchanan.
Janet is a very independent, strong, smart and fearless woman. She is the sister of Will Buchanan, chief of the Clan Buchanan. I will admit that I could not stand Janet in book 1, but by the end of this novella, she had grown on me.

The Buchanan clan was living at the Ravenglade castle, property of the Grants, (read The Seduction of Miss Amelia Bell to know more about it) when the chief of the Clan Menzie, Roddie Menzie, demanded that the Buchanan chief give up the castle to him. So, Will Buchanan asked Malcolm Grant, the owner of the castle and cousin to Darach, to come to take care of the matter. However, he was unable to go because his sister was kidnapped by pirates (which is the story for book 2 in the series, The Wicked ways of Alexander Kidd) and he sent Darach instead. In the meantime, Will promised his sister to Rodie Menzie, just to buy some time until Grant could get there. But what Janet did not expect was Darach to come to her rescue. Yes, he went to her rescue because there was no way that Darch was going to let Janet marry another man. Janet and Darach argued all the time, they never wanted to admit the feelings that they have for the other. That is, until once in the castle Darach found out how she felt about him and that changed everything. These two were made for each other, they deserve each other.

I became a fan of Paula Quinn with only reading 2 of her books, and I want more!

The romance is very well developed; each character has their own and unique personality. You don't get bored with Paula's books. They are also funny, very romantic and the writing style is great! It makes wish I could live in one of her stories.

5 Stars!

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