Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Retribution by Amy Thompson

Regan Edison has just moved from California, to enter her first year at Georgia Liberty College, the place where jacked up Chevy trucks and hunting are a way of life. Regan hopes to start a new life for herself and she thinks that Georgia is just the place to do it. That is until she meets an unexpected stranger.

Colter Hayes is a member of the Collectors, a group of wrongfully punished lost souls. Colter and the rest of his team, Finn, Kaiden and Devon, work for the Requiem Council who pass judgment on those souls that are neither tagged for Heaven nor Hell. The Council has charged the Collectors with finding the lost in exchange for a chance at redemption.

When an ex-councilmember known to pass Retribution on lost souls sets his sights on Regan, the Requiem Council dispatches the Collectors to Georgia to work as protectors for Regan. The Collectors must fight to save Regan from a fate they know all too well, but can they work to earn back their chance at redemption or are their fates sealed forever?


I got Retribution from Netgalley for exchange of a fair review.

OK ... where do I start? I really did not like this book. I really had high hopes for it! I love the cover and the title, but it did not work for me. I couldn't even bring myself to finish it.

There was too much information thrown at us at the beginning, all at once. But the thing is, it didn't even stop there, on every page I read there was another explanation about the Collectors, the Exiles, Agro, the Council, the souls. It was so confusing, I was like STOP PLEASE!

This is also another book about a girl going to college very far from home to start another new and happy life to leave behind her miserable past; you know, this kind of story is getting old. Anyway She got attacked by Agro's exiles, right? Her life was in extreme danger! Oh God someone help her! And that is when the Collectors, Colter and the other dudes, came to the rescue. While they were all fighting to save Reagan's life, she stood there and she said that all she felt when she saw Colter was lust! Yes! she was about to die and she was thinking about having a good ol' time with Colter.

Another thing that bothered me a lot is that Reagan said all the time: "Wait, what?" That was so annoying!

After that fight she took the Collector to her dorm. Seriously!? You do not take strangers home with you! Colter was an ass all of the time. He was really mean and rude to Reagan. If the Author's intention was to create a sexy tough guy, she did it wrong. Being mean, rude and an ass to a girl or anyone does not mean they are tough. It means they are a jerk. 

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