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Champions: At Fire's End by Charlotte Jain

Champions: At Fire's End
by Charlotte Jain
Release Date: November 28th 2015

Summary from Goodreads:

Seventeen-year-old best friends, April and Kyle, are thrown into the final battle of the Titan and Olympian war. Locked into an endless struggle, the Immortals have finally reached a solution - bestow mortal Champions with control over the elements to wage their final campaign. 

Bestowed with control over fire and water, April and Kyle were raised by Immortals with a single purpose - win the war. After finally uncovering the remaining Champions' identities, April and Kyle must launch themselves into their final battle for survival. Winner takes all. But the Immortals are growing restless, and time is running out.

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About the Author
Charlotte Jain is an Arts graduate from Melbourne and the author of the Champions series. When not scrawling exciting YA tales filled with magic and adventure, Charlotte enjoys travelling the world and snuggling up on the couch watching movies.

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Champions: at fire’s end (Champions, #1) excerpts

Excerpt 1. April
The buzz through the room was like a thousand heartbeats, all pounding at once in a thunderous cacophony. Crackling embers cascaded down around me, raining from blistering walls which had once provided safe haven in a world gone mad. Sickening creaks echoed from aged floorboards, threatening to buckle beneath me at any moment. When had a voyage to escape my own fury gone so terribly wrong? Floorboards just beyond reach burst and erupted in a wave of heat, sending wooden splinters showering through a room on fire, across a ceiling teetering at the edge of calamity. My heavy limbs went to throw my body away, wanting to shield my face from the blast, but I didn’t move. I couldn’t.
A weight from above pressed down, pinning my back against shattering floorboards. I pushed away at the thick wooden beam lying across my stomach, but it refused to budge against my blistering hands. I was weak, strength and energy sapped away into feeble fury. Fury which had landed me in my current predicament, trapped, in a burning house that my abilities had lit. But it was all wrong – rage should have made me stronger, like it had done in the past.
The past. When an angry young girl had been shipped halfway across the world to study abilities that I could not harness nor hope to control, only to return, lose control all over again at the most crucial stage of our battle, and be thrown back – hidden once more in a foreign land under the calm watch of a foreign master. As the Taguchi household which had held so much kindness crumbled before my eyes, I feared that I would never return, and Kyle would once again be left alone to fight our war on his own.  

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