Sunday, February 28, 2016

Book Review: Immurement (The Undergrounders, #1) by Norma Hinkens

The Sweepers are coming ... the only place left to hide is underground.

The earth’s core overheats. The sovereign leader vanishes. A young girl is the survivors’ only hope.

What little land is habitable is patrolled by cutthroat gangs of escaped subversives, but that’s not the greatest threat facing sixteen-year-old Derry Connelly, her brother Owen, and a ragged band of Preppers holed up in a bunker in the Sawtooth Mountains. Mysterious hoverships operated by clones are targeting adolescents for extraction.

Owen, is one of the first to disappear. To save him, Derry must strike a deal with the murderous subversives, and risk a daring raid to infiltrate the heart of the extraction operation.

But will the rookie leader falter when forced to choose between her brother and a clone who ignites something inside her she didn’t know was possible?

My Thoughts
I couldn't care less about any of the characters or the book. I just did not have any connection with them. I don't even know why Derry wanted to risk everyone's life to go rescue Jakob (by the way , why don just name him Jacob? why make it fancy with a "K"?) It was just plain boring and I had to stop on 44% because I have been trying to read this for 11 days and I could not take it anymore. It wasn't bad, it was just OK. But I don't want OK anymore. I want to read epic stories.

Also, since her mom died her dad went all depressed and alcoholic and neglecting his children. Why do I see this often in books? I see that they always portray men as weak. Wouldn't a father do anything in his power to take care of his kids? That is what the mom would have wanted.
Also they did not have enough food, how did he get the alcohol?
I just did not care for it.

Thanks to Xpressobooktours for the copy in exchange of a honest review.

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