Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Upcoming Releases: October 27th


  1. I saw you posted a bunch on my blog, Allyson, so I just had to stop by. ;) And I'm glad I did cause I love lists of book covers!

    I usually have trouble finding about new books as I'm not really aware of what's coming out (or how to find that out either lol). I love how extensive your list here is.

    Just a few of my favorites were: The Devious Dr. Jekyll: such a beautiful cover and I love her fiery red hair and glasses. Such a Dance: a guy looking down in suit and fedora? Yes! Portia (Angelbound): love the fantasy look. The Weight of Rain:the close-up of rain was really cool. And Summon: love those black wings and the girl's dramatic look at the audience.

    Thanks for posting so much cool & pretty.

    1. The Upcoming Releases and putting together the Top Ten Tuesday posts are the only things I really do for the blog, so I try to go all out :p

      Do you have specific genres you love? I can keep an eye out for them whenever I put together my lists! If you think these are extensive, you should see all of the ones I ignore because I don't think there is an interest in them by our readers!

      All of the ones you mentioned are super cool looking :) Sometimes I want to buy them even if I don't necessarily read the genre, like The Devious Dr. Jekyll, just because the cover is so awesome!

    2. I really like seeing the YA covers, cause I'm always curious what new YA books are out. I like looking at fantasy covers also. I think you have both of these genres in your post.

      I feel the same way - when I go to B&N, I just want to buy books for their covers. Haha. Of course I tell myself not to, but its hard to resist. There's just so much pretty out there.