Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Upcoming Releases: October 13th


  1. It's so amazing how many books are in the world and how many more are coming out every year. I seriously need to get reading more.

    The books that stood out to me the most were: Dark Tide - how gorgeous is that cover? Love the contrast of the red mermaid in the dark blue water. Quanta - something about it just looks cool. Black Widow - looks awesome, like how they shadowed out her face. Wendy Darling - I just love everything about this cover; such a feeling of childhood fairy-tales with a hint of something sinister in the way she's holding onto the window as if she's not certain she wants to leave her home. The Divide - magical. Caught in the Glow - ethereal and beautiful.

    1. It really does start to feel overwhelming when you see these posts every week! There is just no way we can ever catch up!

      The Wendy Darling cover is absolutely gorgeous. I mean, it's just beautiful. I don't even really like Peter Pan all that much, and I still have it on my wishlist :p The rest are all pretty amazing, too! I know they say not to judge books by their covers, but when cover designers are getting so amazing, it's hard not to!

    2. Yeah, I've been judging books by their covers so long now it's habit, lol.