Thursday, October 22, 2015

Book Tour : Before the Storm by Leslie Tentler.

No Matter How Far You Run, The Past Will Find You

Leslie Tentler is back with another story of romance and suspense…this time in a small Southern beach town called Rarity Cove. What happens when a woman on the run has her dangerous secrets finally catch up with her? Find out in Before the Storm by Leslie Tentler…

Six years earlier, Trina Grissom disappeared, on the run for her life. Now living under an assumed identity—as Samantha Marsh—she still struggles with the dark secret she harbors and the fear she might one day be found. When she moves to the coastal town of Rarity Cove, South Carolina, to open a cafĂ©, a handsome widower begins to chip away at the walls she’s built to protect herself.

Mark St. Clair lost his wife two years ago in a tragic accident. Head of the grand St. Clair resort, he distracts himself from his lingering grief by running the family business and caring for his troubled young daughter...until a beautiful restaurateur sets up shop in town. Before meeting Samantha, Mark was convinced he could never be drawn to another woman. But as his attraction to Samantha grows, the mystery surrounding her deepens.

As the two begin a hesitant courtship, double perils emerge. Someone from Samantha’s lurid past comes calling, threatening to expose her. And a powerful hurricane is forming in the Atlantic with the small beach town in its path. Trapped in the storm by the brutal man who wants vengeance on Samantha, she and Mark must fight for their lives.

On Sale in Digital and Print: October 20, 2015
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The phone rang inside the house. Excusing herself, Mercer went inside to answer it. Samantha leaned her head against the swing’s back and closed her eyes. The afternoon’s warmth soaked into her bones. She needed to remember this place, absorb it into her memory so she had something to hold on to if she made the decision to run. Samantha thought of the way she’d felt falling asleep in Mark’s arms, in his bed. He represented a security she’d never had, an ideal of what her life might have been like if she hadn’t been born Trina Grissom and ended up where she did.
She’d slept poorly last night and must have dozed off, because she woke to the squawking of gulls. Samantha glimpsed the portly man who stood on one of the sand dunes nearest the bungalow’s property. He wore baggy bathing trunks and a flowered Hawaiian shirt unbuttoned to reveal his bulging, hairy belly. A pair of binoculars hung around his thick neck. Although the floppy sunhat put his face in shadow, Samantha felt her heart beat harder inside her chest. Lenny. He smiled, more of a grinning leer, and he used two fingers of his right hand to point at his own eyes. Then he pointed back to her.
I’m watching you.
Lenny traveled down the dune and out of sight. The swing rocked as Samantha stood, her knees wobbly. He was shadowing her, just like he’d said. Her eyes scoured the tourists who walked past, but Lenny had disappeared into the crowd.   

Author Bio:
Leslie Tentler is also the author of FALLEN as well as the Chasing Evil Trilogy (MIDNIGHT CALLER, MIDNIGHT FEAR and EDGE OF MIDNIGHT). She was a finalist for Best First Novel at ThrillerFest 2012, and is a two-time finalist for the Daphne du Maurier Award for Excellence in Mystery and Suspense. She is also the recipient of the prestigious Maggie Award of Excellence.
Leslie is a member of Romance Writers of America, International Thriller Writers, and Novelists, Inc. A native of East Tennessee, she currently resides in Atlanta.
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