Thursday, September 10, 2015

Review: Water Rites by J.R. Pearse Nelson

In the centuries old struggle for territory between selkies and finfolk, Lorelei Dorian is something new.

Secrets, once uncovered, can change everything. And they will for Lorelei Dorian. She thinks she’s a normal girl, with a talent for swimming and an unparalleled adoration for math.

When a new friend confronts her with her true nature, a whole new world awaits her. Can the selkies and the finfolk share the sea – and Lorelei – or will they tear her to pieces as one more pawn in the long game hidden under the waves?

I really loved this book!

My Thoughts:
I requested Water Rites for review through Xpresso Book Tours. Thanks!

Mermaids, Seals, Finfolks and Selkies!

I was so excited when I started reading it because I am a huge fan of Of Poseidon (The Syrena Legacy Series), and this book kind of reminds me of it. It was a pretty good read, I really enjoyed it a lot.

Lori found out by Vardon and his mom that she is half finfolk and half selkie.And guess what? The Finfolk and the Selkies are enemies, the Finfolks are believed to be evil creatures that have so many abilities that can be used against others. Or they thought so. You see in this I was a little confused because the Finfolk king wasn't bad like his grandson Clay... we'll talk about Clay later on.

Anyway since Lori was the only girl of their age ( Vardon and Clay's age) they were interested on her. Now, Vardon( a Selkie who lived on land) was a cute and very nice boy with good intentions, who helped Lori to find her Selkie side. Vardon's mom was against him dating Lori because of her Finfolk side, she thought that Lori could be evil too.

Now Clay( a mermen that lived in the deepest of the ocean)... wow he was creepy as hell! he needed to be locked up, he was an stalker. Lori needs to get a restraining order against him hahaha. The dude was crazy, he would do anything , as in it does not even matter who he would hurt to get to Lori and marry her , yeah because at the age of 17 ( Lori's age)is when Finfolks are ready to mate. And Clay wanted her just for him, only him.

I was not a huge fan of Lori's dad I think he could have been a better father. I think he should have date less and spend more time talking to his daughter about who she really was. But he called Lori's grandma to talk to her because Lori did not have a mom. I do not know why but this made me think of what he did when Lori got her period for the first time haha. Grandma was great. I loved her.

Lori's mom left her when she was little. I really hope she does not appears in the rest of the series, because I really hate her for leaving her daughter. I did not understand the reasons, there is not excuse for a parent to leave their children.

Now that Lori felt what was like to be both, Finfolk and Selkies, she needs to make a decision. And the Finfolk King will come back for it.

I hope to see more of the Selkies. I really like them a lot. I would LOVE to see more of Vardon's friends!

Writing was good. Very entertaining story. Lori was a great character, believe she will not be those kind of crying annoying girls. There is a lot of swimming at the beach in this book . I loved it!

The best thing about this book There is NOT a love triangle. And I hope stays like that for the rest of the series!

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