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In the Gleaming Light by HR Moore

In the Gleaming Light
HR Moore

Press Information Pack

What happens when the robots steal our jobs?  Speculative fiction novel "In the Gleaming Light" gives a much needed plausible imagining of the world thirty years from now.

Automation, robots, and job stealing are topics that capture the imagination of many, but the big question is this: what’s to be done when these things start to have a meaningful impact on our lives?  Universal Basic Income, the favoured solution of entrepreneurs and academics alike, has been creeping into the press, but if you stop someone on the street and ask them about it, the chances are you’ll get a blank look.
“In the Gleaming Light” gives an engaging, pacey, intrigue-filled look at the world thirty years from now, complete with a clear representation of the complex and controversial political issues that underpin it all.

Here's the blurb:
It's 2048.  Automation has stolen vast swathes of jobs, and the government pays everyone a no-strings-attached income, enough to live on, in order to keep the economy going.  Society is split into those who can get jobs; engineers, managers, creatives, and those who cannot.
Iva Brooksbank, Senior Investigator of the Enforcement Office, has made a career of taking down corporate moguls who flout the rules, and now she has Guy Strathclyde, CEO of Cybax Technologies, firmly in her sights.  She's sure he's up to something, and races to find evidence that will stick, before her time runs out.
Lulu Banks, a world famous artist, uses her work to highlight the deep inequalities and injustices the world now faces, perpetuated, she thinks, by the relentless march of technology.  But when she finds herself the object of Guy's affections, she has to decide if she can trust his intentions, or if he's just the same as all the other corporate big dogs.

HR Moore, author, explains:
“In the Gleaming Light was born out of my experience and observations in life and at work, and also through a general interest in the not-too-distant future of our world.  With a background in financial services and change management, I've seen first-hand the unrelenting pace of change and drive towards automation, that is having, and will continue to have, a significant effect on everyone.
The changes that have taken place in the last twenty years are mind-boggling, and there's no evidence of the pace slowing down.  Indeed, automation is predicted to put significant numbers out of work, and, if that happens, the social consequences will be extreme.
Automation and Universal Basic Income (UBI) as a solution, are areas gaining a great deal of traction, with entrepreneurs and academics shouting about the need for governments to step in, governments running UBI trials in response, and the media starting to step up their coverage.  However, the topic is currently stuck in (relatively boring) academic and political channels, and I think there's a real need to bring these important topics to life through engaging, fictional portrayals.  In the Gleaming Light aims to do this in a plot and relationship-driven way; it's book club fiction, designed to stimulate conversation, with drama and romance throughout.
Importantly, “In the Gleaming Light” is not passing judgment on the march of technology, or UBI as a potential solution, but I feel passionately that this is a conversation that effects everybody.  The more that can be done to get people involved from all backgrounds, now, as opposed to after the fact, the better.
And given the gender skews of people working in technology, I’m especially passionate about engaging women in this conversation.  The workplace is biased, and it’s important that women utilize technology to help level the playing field. The worst case scenario would be a future world that’s dictated (passively and accidentally) by a relatively small handful of (mostly) men.  Now is the time for us to talk about these issues, and it’s essential that the debate is equally open to all.”
In the Gleaming Light will be released on Amazon on 1st March, 2019 in both eBook ($4.99 / £3.99) and paperback ($10.99 / £7.99) formats.  The eBook is currently available for pre-order on Amazon:
Lulu flopped to the ground as she crossed the makeshift sprint finish line in the sand, her chest heaving as she tried to regain her breath.  It was a glorious morning, even at this early hour, the sun reflecting furiously on the flat calm of the sea, playing about as the water moved gently up and down, slivers of silver light trying to fool onlookers into believing it could be warm.  Tiny waves lapped lightly at the beach, the sound calming Lulu’s exhausted body, helping her settle her racing heart.
‘Darling, you’re a little distracted this morning,’ said Bertie Baqua, her slight, Asian fitness instructor, as he caught up with her.  He was renowned the world over and in great demand, but he and Lulu had been friends for years, Lulu having attended his classes before he was famous, their friendship secured on the dance floor of a dubious Salsa club in Brighton.
‘I opened my exhibition last night,’ she replied, as though this were enough.
‘And?’ he replied, clearly requiring more.
She thought about keeping Guy a secret, but knowing Bertie, he probably already knew.  ‘And Guy Strathclyde came.’
‘Did he indeed?’ flounced Bertie, laughing with his eyes.
‘He keeps asking me out,’ she shrugged, as though this were obviously a problem.
‘And, I thought he was a typical corporate mogul.  I mean, he was obviously given his job by his dad.’
‘Which is frowned upon these days,’ said Bertie, frivolously.
‘Which is illegal these days,’ snapped Lulu, rolling over and propping herself up on her arms.
Bertie raised an eyebrow and a shoulder simultaneously.  ‘Touchy,’ he said. ‘You must really like him.’
‘I don’t know him.  But I was surprised about his opinions on certain topics.’
‘In a good way?’
‘Well, what’s the problem then?’
‘I just never thought I’d even entertain the idea of dating someone like him.  And I think he might be dangerous.’
‘Isn’t that a little prejudiced?’
Lulu rolled her eyes.  ‘Maybe,’ she pouted, playing with the grains of sand between her fingers.
‘What harm can come from going on a couple of dates?  If you like him, then great; you’re not breaking any rules by dating him...apart from ones you’ve perhaps created for yourself for no good reason.’
Lulu huffed as she brushed the sand away.  ‘I suppose so.’
‘You’re welcome,’ he said, reaching down to help her up.
‘You’re insufferable,’ she said, refusing his hand and throwing a towel at him instead.  Bertie snickered, and didn’t stop. ‘What now?’ she asked, not understanding the joke.
‘Looks like you’ve got company,’ he said, nodding up the beach.
Lulu’s head whipped round.  ‘Oh God,’ she breathed.
‘I’ll say,’ said Bertie, nodding his head in approval.
Guy reached their workout spot and held his hands up; they were full of coffee and paper bags.  ‘Hungry?’ he asked hopefully. She paused, considering another refusal. ‘Oh, come on,’ he said, ‘of course you’re hungry; you’ve been working out for ages.’
Bertie nudged Lulu towards Guy.  ‘I’ve got another client, so I really must be going,’ he said, as though the breakfast invitation had also been extended to him, which of course they all knew it hadn’t.  ‘Have fun,’ he said, suggestively. He stuffed dumbbells, balls and elastics back into his bag, hoisted it over his shoulder, and headed back up the beach, throwing Lulu a double thumbs up, complete with accompanying indelicate head nod behind Guy’s back.
Lulu ignored him.  ‘You’ve been watching me work out?’ she asked, not sure whether to be flattered or a little bit freaked out.
Guy laughed.  ‘Not really. I’ve been working in the café up there,’ he said, pointing to the beach’s edge where a Chutney Café stood, the chain that had gained supremacy when it innovated the old players out of the market by replacing humans with robots.  ‘They’re not technically open yet, but the manager took pity on me and let me in early.’
‘Charmed by your smile, no doubt.’
‘I am very charming,’ he said, flashing her his best grin.  ‘I’m so glad you’ve noticed.’
About the Author:
Harriet was born in Germany in 1987, her family returning to the UK, to Dorset shortly afterwards. She lived there until she was 5, her grandfather teaching her the basics of cheating at cards and swindling chocolate, her mother starting to instil a (some would argue) unhealthy relationship with cake, and the neighbours demonstrating that some people don't understand cherry blossom is there to be picked, mixed with mint and water and sold as perfume.
Then there was Scotland; stealthy guinea pig breeding, riding horses, advanced cards, more cake, then to Devon and school in Exeter. She loved maths in the early years, but by the time she got to A Level, Sociology was her favourite subject, opening her eyes to things she'd never before considered, namely, nobody is really right, nobody is really normal and primary socialisation has a lot to answer for.
At the age of about 12, Harriet started rowing for Exeter Rowing Club. This quickly took over her life and before too long she was clad in lycra, training 6 days a week and competing at events around the country.
After finishing her A Levels, Harriet went to university in St Andrews, studying Philosophy for two years, then switching to Management. She was particularly interested in the change elements of her course and especially the areas concerning how people create and react to change. After four very civilised years by the sea, she ventured to London, to foray into the strange world of insurance (surprisingly, more interesting than you might think).  She worked as a Project Manager on large change programmes before founding her own consultancy in 2015.
Harriet has since worked on a number of insurance related projects that helped influence and inspire In the Gleaming Light, specifically around the use of connected devices in the home, data collection and utilisation within financial services, and how automation can both reduce costs, and significantly improve vast swathes of tiresome, long-winded processes.
Harriet has recently moved from Bristol in the UK to Portsmouth in New Hampshire, with her husband Chris and two young daughters. When she isn't writing, editing, eating, running around after her kids, or imagining how much better life would be with the addition of a springer spaniel, she occasionally finds the time to make hats.

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Book Review: The Keeping of Secrets by Alice Graysharp

The Keeping of Secrets
by Alice Graysharp

The Keeping of Secrets by [Graysharp, Alice]
The keeper of family secrets, Patricia Roberts grows up isolated and lonely. 
Trust no one and you won't be disappointed is her motto. 
Three men fall in love with her and she learns to trust,
only to find that their agendas are not her own. 
With secrets concealed from her by the ultimate love of her life, 
and with her own secret to keep,
 duplicity and deceit threaten their relationship.
In a coming of age story set against the sweeping backdrop of 
the Second World War - evacuation, the Battle of Britain, the Blitz, 
buzz bombs and secret war work - 
atricia ultimately has to decide whether to reveal 
her deepest held secret for the sake of her future happiness.

Information about the Book
Title: The Keeping of Secrets
Author: Alice Graysharp
Release Date: 5th September 2017
Genre: Historical
Page Count: 330
Publisher: Clink Street Publishing

Well all I can say I found a new favorite author to add add to my list!!!
We follow the story of Patricia Roberts and also her family, 
in England,during WW2.
Patricia has been evacuated 
( I did not know that families had to pay for the kids to be evacuated)
 and we learn about her experience living like this, 
with a few awful families and in fear of the war.
The first half of the book was good, a little bit steady, but I understand, 
we get to know the characters. 
Now, the second half of the book
after the "James" chapter is when it gets much better! 
And we also get to know Jon, later on.
I loved Pat, she and her friend Becky, were very mature for their age, 
of course the circumstance they are living in has something to do with it. 
They they were both very lovable!

I am a sucker for love stories set during the time period. 
I thought this was going to be in a more romantic way, but it was not. 
So if you are expecting something 
like that,read this book keeping 
on mind that you will not have a love story to make you cry, 
and sight, and feel everything you like to feel while in love with some character.

This book reminded me of The Summer of my German Soldier,
so if you like that book, you might like this one.
I liked both books a lot :)

The writing in this book was EXCELLENT!
I just can't believe that I 
haven't come across this author while searching WW2 books!

Thanks Clink Street Publishing for reaching out to me 
and let me pick which books I would like to review!

I am very glad I picked this one!

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12 Days of Clink Street blog tour: At the Dark Hour by John Wilson

At the Dark Hour by John Wilson

At The Dark Hour by [Wilson, John]
A loving affair is destroyed by the Blitz on London. Julia ends her relationship with Adam. 
Her concern is for her children and that, if she is divorced, she will lose them.
 What is the nature of love? Does it have gradations?
 Love, and it’s textures, lie at the heart of this story. Love is where you find it. 
And sometimes it ambushes you. And, often, it is hidden.

Information about the Book
Title: At the Dark Hour
Author: John Wilson
Release Date: 19th July 2018
Genre: Historical Romance
Page Count: 720
Publisher: Clink Street Publishing

I am very glad to participate in this 12 days 
book tour! Seems fun and very original 
idea to help promote some great reading!
Thank you
Clink Street Publishing for letting me be part of this event! 

Going by the summary of this book, I totally thought this was a love story, I am a sucker for love stories set during WW2, I live for them. Then I requested this book for reading , thinking this will be a great love story but I was wrong, because there was not love story at all in this book.

In this historical fiction set in 1940, England during the blitz, we have Adam and Julia, they are both married. Julia's husband is Adam's boss.
Julia and Adam have been having an affair for a very long time. I did not see their relationship as a love story, oh no! I thought that whatever was between them was lust and passion.
The only reason Julia married Pemberton was money. He was a lot older than she was. To me,for what I read on the flashback he seemed like an OK husband, he provided with everything the family needed.
I did not like her at all and never felt sorry for her for not being able to be with Adam.

Adam, disgusted me, of how little man he was and would not take responsibilities for his action. He was a coward he was weak and like Pemberton called him , he was a failure . When the bombs were going down on the streets of London all he thought about was Julia,did he even care about his wife a little? And all he did was lied and lied to save his sorry butt. How could any woman fall in love with a man like this?

This being said, the book was not bad, I just did not like the choices the characters made.
My favorite character was Mr. Blytheway! This dude had the best personality  of all the characters.The writing was really good, I liked it a lot. The book was very good. My only problem was the dialogue, because it would not say who was the person talking, so I got confused sometimes.
But I would recommend this author 100% to anyone that is a fan of historical fiction.

Please check out each blog to discover new authors!


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KYLE'S JOURNEY by M. Lee Prescott Release Blitz

Kyle's Journey Tour Graphic
Kyle's Journey
Series: Morgan's Run Romances Book 8
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Mount Hope Press
Publication Date: November 20, 2018
Star-crossed lovers steam up the pages in Kyle’s Journey, Morgan’s Run # 8!
Once again Saguaro Valley works its magic when Harriet Winthrop agrees to a vacation with her mom Helen a friend of the Morgans and Spark Foster. After wrenching heartbreak, Harriet has sworn off men forever. Her first valley evening she meets “swoon-worthy” Kyle Morgan and jumps headlong into a white hot love affair. “Love em and leave em” Kyle is bowled over by his feelings for the shy, beautiful east coaster. Then shadows of Harriet’s traumatic past sweep over the lovers and their relationship is threatened -- by distance, dangers on the trail and bone shattering memories. Will love bring these two together or keep them apart?
Join the Morgans, Fosters and their growing families in this eighth book of the beloved series. Finally Kyle gets “his story” and maybe the woman of his dreams!

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Ben Morgan Senior stepped off the terrace to greet them, a petite beautiful blonde in white capris and cotton sweater of swirling blues and greens at his side. Behind them followed the only other person on the terrace, a drop dead handsome, dark-haired man who appeared to be about Harriet’s age. Ben Senior, then his wife, Leonora hugged Helen, then turned to Harriet with effusive welcomes.
Their companion hung back. His smile was enough to take Harriet’s breath away. She was still breathless when Leonora Morgan said, “And, Harriet this is our youngest boy, Kyle.”
“Hey, great to see you, Helen,” he said, hugging her mother, then turning to her. “And great to meet you, Harriet.” He held out his hand, which Harriet took.
His firm handshake sent ripples of electricity from her head to her toes. She managed to mumble, “Hello,” as they released each other’s hand.
“Are you alright, darlin’?” Leonora said. “Your face is red as a beet.”
Harriet shook her head. “Thank you, I’m fine. Must be the heat.”
As they were swept up onto the terrace, her mother gave her a quizzical look. When Harriet passed Kyle Morgan, she noticed he was grinning. Oh, Lord, what he must think of me! No man had ever had that kind of effect on her and she suspected he knew it. It didn’t matter though. Harriet had decided many years ago that no man would get close enough to hurt her the way she and her mother had been hurt. No one! Judson Winthrop, her father had been charming, handsome and kind at first and look how he turned out! Then there was Lyle. His treachery and betrayal still cut like a knife. How could I have been so naïve and stupid?
As they crossed the terrace to the bar, they were greeted by a taller, larger version of Kyle Morgan, the oldest Morgan sibling, Ben and his wife Maggie. Their children Emma and Ben the third were rolling around on the grass with the ranch dogs. “And, that would be my youngest sister, Ruthie, wife and mother, still like one of the kids,” Ben said, pointing to a beautiful redhead, in jeans and ranch tee shirt, her hair in a lopsided ponytail. She ducked just as her nephew jumped over her, squealing with laughter, an Australian shepherd on his heels. A tall, lanky cowboy stood at the edge of the melee, cradling a baby on his hip. “That’s my best buddy and now-brother-in-law, Harley Langdon,” Ben continued. “And baby Charlotte, my newest niece.”
Harriet smiled. Ben Morgan didn’t have to add that Charlotte and Harley belonged to Ruthie. The baby’s red curls and his adoring gaze told all.
“It’s all a bit overwhelming at first,” Maggie said. “But, you get used to it.”
“As if there’s another choice,” said a voice at their side. “Robbie Morgan,” he said, extending his hand. “You must be Helen’s daughter?”

Other Books by M. Lee Prescott

Check out the other books in the Morgan's Run Romances series.
Morgan’s Run begins with Emma’s Dream taking readers through to #8 Kyle’s Journey! At its heart, the series is about family. Against the backdrop of beautiful Saguaro Valley, Ben and Leonora Morgan and their children, grandchildren and friends continue to grow, live and fall in love with each new book.

Emma's Dream

Jeb's Promise

Lang's Return

About M. Lee Prescott

M. Lee Prescott
M. Lee Prescott writes romances, mysteries, suspense and books for children and young adults. Among her titles are Prepped to Kill, Gadfly, Jigsaw, Lost in Spindle City and Poof! (Ricky Steele Mysteries), A Friend of Silence, In the Name of Silence, and The Silence of Memory (Roger and Bess Mysteries), Widow’s Island, Hestor’s Way, and Song of the Spirit. She is also the author of the popular Morgan’s Run romance series. These titles include Emma’s Dream, Lang’s Return, Jeb’s Promise, Rose’s Choice, Hope's Wonder, Ruthie’s Love, Polly’s Heart and now Kyle’s Journey!
Lee lives on a beautiful river. When not teaching (her other job) or writing, her passions revolve around family, yoga, swimming, walking, canoeing, and teaching mindfulness to people of all ages.
Her website is Lee loves to hear from readers. Email her at, follow her on BookBub, or ask her anything on Goodreads!
Social media links: Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads


Kyle's Journey Giveaway Graphic
Prizes up for grabs:
Two (2) print copies of Kyle's Journey
Contest runs from November 20 - 26, 2018.

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Tigress Fated Mates Book 1 by Lilli Carlis

Fated Mates Book 1
by Lilli Carlisle
Genre: Paranormal Romance

Caged her whole life, Raz escapes only to find herself caught in a tender trap created by the Alpha and Beta of the North Woods pack.


If only Raz had kept running, she wouldn't have wound up on wolf pack lands putting herself in double danger. A three-hundred pound Bengal tiger shifter, Raz had been caged for as long as she can remember; tortured, beaten and used for sport. Finally, she's escaped, but the hunters are hot on her heels, and she's racing against time. When she heard the wolf pups' cries, Raz couldn't help herself; she went to their rescue even knowing that her trespass could mean her life. Now she's wedged between the Alpha and Beta of the North Woods pack, and they're insisting she's their True Mate.

Fated Mates Book 2


There’s a war coming in the shifter world, a tear in the veil that separates good and evil, and the reincarnation of ancient goddesses heralds the preparations for the battles ahead. Rose, a wolf shifter, whose birth pack nearly killed her, has found contentment as a member of a loving pack, and that has been enough. When she meets the Alpha and Beta of a neighboring bear clan and learns these men are her fated mates, her life changes in ways she never could have dreamed.


Brothers Mason and Riker Porda became the Alpha and Beta of their clan when their parents were slaughtered, and their lives have been a struggle ever since. While bolstering the health and safety of their clan is their life’s work, their hearts are sad and empty...until Rose. Their mate is everything they thought they’d never have, and when the threat of collector demons returning to earth invades the shifter world, the brothers learn Rose is so much more than their mate, she’s the reincarnation of the Goddess Thorne, the Huntress.

Lilli Carlisle is a paralegal and author who lives in Ontario, Canada. she is a proud member of the Romance Writers of America and its chapter; the Toronto Romance Writers. More than just an author, Lilli is a dedicated people watcher, lover of romance novels and 80’s rock, who grew up with a love of reading. Lilli is a firm believer in happy endings and that love is meant to be celebrated and shared.
These paranormal romance novels will raise your heart rate and make you believe in love. Enter this fantasy utopia and let yourself experience the anticipation of new love and endless thrills. After all, everybody needs a little romance, excitement, intrigue and passion in their lives.

Follow the tour HERE for exclusive content and a giveaway!