Saturday, August 01, 2015

Review: Spindle by W.R Gingell

She’s not a princess . . . but then, he’s no prince.

Polyhymnia is deep in enchanted sleep. High in a tower, behind an impenetrable barrier of magical thorns, she sleeps, dreams, and falls ever deeper into her curse.

Woken by a kiss, Poly finds herself in an alien world where three hundred years have passed and everyone she has ever known is dead. Luck, the enchanter who woke her, seems to think she is the princess. Understandable, since he found her asleep on the princess’ bed, in the royal suite, and dressed in the princess’ clothes.

Who cursed Poly? Why is someone trying to kill her and Luck? Why can’t she stop falling asleep?

And why does her hair keep growing?

Sometimes breaking the curse is just the beginning of the journey.


First of all, I would like to thank W.R. Gingell for providing me with a copy of the book in exchange for a fair review.

This is a version of sleeping beauty, Poly has been sleeping for 300 years and was woken up by an awesome man named  Luck. At the beginning of the book to be honest I really could not stand Poly, she complained way, way too much. Then as I went on reading the book, she got a little bit better but she never really grew on me.

What can I say about Luck? Miss W.R Gingell writes great male characters! He was so much fun! And I loved him. Then we have Onepiece, another great character!

I did not feel like there was so much going on in the book  I thought it was slow for me, in some parts. And it would not hold my attention most of the time. The world she created though, is very interesting and it's a world I wouldn't mind visiting. Miss Gingell is very good at world building!

Her writing is still excellent , I have read Wolfskin by her and I fell in love with her writing style  and the book. Spindle, besides sleeping beauty it has some feeling of Shrek, since Luck went to wake her up for someone else and they also argued a lot since they left the castle :P 

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