Saturday, August 08, 2015

Review: Collide (The Taking #3) by Melissa West

Military legacy Ari Alexander has survived alien spies, WWIV, and a changing world order. But when the new leader of Earth uses Jackson—the only boy she's ever let herself care about—to get to her, Ari has no choice but to surrender.

To free Jackson, she agrees to travel to the national bases to train others to fight. What she discovers is a land riddled with dying people. Ari has the power to heal by turning the fighters into aliens—half-breeds like her. If she succeeds, together, they have a chance at overthrowing the alien leader, Zeus. But if she fails, everyone she holds dear will be wiped away forever.

Once again, everything Ari’s come to believe is thrown into question. In a world of uncertainty, loyalties are tested, lies are uncovered, and no one can be trusted. If Ari and Jackson have any hope at survival and at preserving a life for the future, they must fight the final war with their eyes wide open.

The Good
Jackson, of course.

The Bad
I was waiting with a lot of excitement for this book but it was a huge let down. I was thinking to myself "What am I reading?" The villain in this last book (can't remember his name)... where did he come from, I did not even remember him from Hover. The death of a few people pissed me off so much that I wanted to quit reading and throw my kindle against the wall. 

There were a lot of questions without answers by the end of the book. Like what happened to Law? What happened with his mom? I wanted to read a scene about her and Jackson, I wanted her to know about Jackson, I wanted him to meet her.

And why did Ari became 'Eisenhower' and lead all these people to fight Zeus? Why would everyone listen to her? Why not someone like her dad or someone with experience already. 

It is a shame because I loved Gravity and Hover. This book felt like the entire thing was rushed to be finished.

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