Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Review: Dante's Kiss by Susan Nadathur

It’s hard to be a sixteen-year-old-three-quarter angel when the one quarter human side kicks in. When Kiriela and her almost-boyfriend cause chaos in heaven, she is forced to live in exile with her parents in Puerto Rico. But because she is not fully immortal, Kiriela’s father is overprotective. Fearing that she won’t be strong enough to fight against the forces of evil that follow their family, Kiriela’s father keeps her in a protective bubble. But when they move to Puerto Rico, he loses control over her.

Finding her feuding parents too occupied with their own problems to deal with hers, Kiriela slips out from under her father’s radar and finds the freedom she craves. But what this young angel fails to understand when she disobeys her father and falls for a human boy named Dante is that when the supernatural collides with the natural world, something as simple as a kiss is more dangerous than it seems.


Full Disclosure, I stopped reading this book at 40% because I literally could not take it anymore.

When I saw the cover of this book with this sexy guy on it, I thought I must read it! I had to read it, I was hoping I would find another sexy character, someone that would be like Patch. Plus, the title of the book is awesome!!!!! I love the name Dante, I've always said that if I had a son I would name him Dante. Thanks to this book that will never, EVER happen.

I am not going to make this too long. Kiriela is the main girl and I have to say I hated that name. What kind of name is Kiriela?! The worst part about reading her name is that sounds a lot like mine. Anyway, Kiriela is part angel/part human, but she was more human than angel and she can't control her human part very well, it is always getting her into trouble. Thanks to her, her family was kicked out of the angel world and they came to earth to live in Puerto Rico, La Isla del Encanto! She met Dante, a human boy, who was in need of the protection of angels. Then she decided she was going to be the one to protect him, and this decision lead her into trouble again with her father. Believe me when I tell you that her daddy was the most annoying father on earth. He was always reminding her that she ruined her family, that it was her fault that they were kicked out of the angel world, I think it was called Purnam? He yelled at her all the time and I could imagine her dad's annoying voice in my head. Just thinking about it gives me a headache.

Dante, OMG Dante. I have never, EVER met a male character that whines and cries and complain so much about not being accepted for who he is, about not being loved by a very nice girl. He had no personality. Apparently, he was bullied all of the time, and he really was, and that too up the most of what I read about in the book, just in the 40% what I read. These high school kids were so mean to him, just evil. I know that kids can be mean, but this was too much, it felt extremely exaggerated.

The girls in this book were really bad, as in 'I'll do absolutely anything to be with the popular guy' bad.

One of the girls screamed when Armando (popular guy) arrived to school with a new car. I mean, who does that???? Do girls really scream after a guy with expensive cars? Come on!

I feel horrible for leaving a low rating, angels are my favorite supernaturals creatures, but this book was such a let down.

2 Stars.

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