Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Review: Bad Doctor by John Locke

 “When you’re in my hospital you’re not family. You’re prey!

“If you’re coming after me, don’t do it in a hospital. That’s my domain. And don’t piss me off in the real world and expect a smooth hospital stay because I have a long memory, and no one is exempt. Before you bully me in a bar, embarrass me on a date, or refuse to replace the crappy car you sold me, think about this: you’ll never be more vulnerable in your life than when you’re spending the night in a hospital. When you’re here, you’re not family. You’re prey!”
--Dr. Gideon Box

I was behind on my Goodreads Challenge this year, but I promised myself that I wouldn't care about that since I am not competing with anyone to see who reads the most books in the least amount of time possible. But seeing that I was behind by one book still bothered me. So I decided to cheat :D By reading some of the few short stories I got a few days ago from Amazon! It's not really cheating, since I am still reading, even if it is a short story.

I chose Bad Doctor by John Locke, thinking it was a nice little short story. I started reading it and it was so good, a little creepy but really interesting. As I was reading it, though, I noticed that the percentage on my kindle was not advancing as fast as you would expect for a short story. I got on my computer and saw on goodreads that it was a full length book. NICE! Why nice? because I was really enjoying it I did not want it to finish anytime soon.
OK, now I need to address the cover. To be honest, it is a pretty awful cover, I really don't like it. (Just remember, do not judge a book by the cover! Even though I do it sometimes :P) When I saw the cover of this book (plus the name :P) I thought it was an erotica. But I was pleasantly surprised to see that it wasn't. I usually read paranormal YA, or Fantasy YA, so I am really surprised by how much I liked this book. The characters were all great, very likable.

When Dr. Box gets all stressed out he does wild, unthinkable things. While having one of his stressed-out moments, he broke into someone's house, stole his identity for one night and that is where all hell broke loose. He meets Willow, Cameron, Bobby, the twins Charlie and Carlos(this duo was hilarious!) and gets himself into a big mess.

This book was really very funny, and I am very happy that I chose to read it. By the way, this will be weird for those that have met Dr. Box already, but I do have a book crush on this character, so I am going to keep reading his other books.

I totally recommend it and I will definitely read other stories from John Locke.


5 stars!

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  1. haha looking at the cover, I thought it was something naughty too!