Monday, May 14, 2018

A little book Rant! ACOTAR

I am at home alone with my three dogs, my kids are at school and I am bored. I do not feel like cleaning, screw that shit. So I am sitting here writing a little piece of mind of how I feel about a certain book series,  A court Of Throne and Roses,and yes I am prepare for the hate of the fans. Keep in mind I am not bushing the books or anything like that.
I started the series, but I thought it was boring and very slow, there was a point where I thought I was going to like it but then it got bored again. I do not know if maybe had to do with the fact that a few characters weren't there, since that was the main reason while I started  the book, but I did not end up liking it.
I am going to be honest, when the movie comes out I will see it, I think that for me seeing the world , the characters, and whatever else , would be more entertaining than reading the book. But I have to say ( yes I know the books are popular, I get it) that I am tired of seeing about it every book related page, or even in Book subscriptions boxes. I had subscribed a few of them  and since I did, I have gotten some bookish stuff related to this series. I guess it is good so when my book friends birthdays come around they will get some of the stuff I have. Still I wish people would  give a chance to other great books they have read, spread the word about some great underrated books.
I wish book boxes  subscriptions would add some fandom items to promote other books like The Diabolic, this book was great! Or Falling Kingdoms, or Sunshine, or The Cruel Prince, or Tithe , these are all great books! So many books come to my mind...
But this is just me I am just a little tired of seeing about it all over the place.
I know I am in the minority!

 PS: I have to admit that I enjoy making fandoms stuff about this books to gift to my book friends that I know they love this series, because I know they will love what they get,  and they will be happy,  and it makes me happy to make them happy.hahaha
  I get very excited to make stuff for them.

Happy reading!

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