Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Top Ten Tuesday: Book Turnoffs

 Mariela is the best blogmate a girl could ask for! Tax season was extra brutal this year, and now that it's over, I can start pulling my weight again on the blog. I am excited to get back to putting together the Top Ten Tuesdays! Howdy y'all :) 

I cannot stand when characters act childishly in books! 

 I read this book with a guy named Jaxon and I was thinking how the heck is it pronounced? Why not name him instead Jackson or Jason? Why do authors feel the need to make a fancy version name out of a regular name??? (Allyson also one hundred percent agrees with this one! This is why I will never in ten million years read the Black Dagger Brotherhood series. Rhage, Phury, Dhestroyer? Seriously, go screw yourself.)
If for some reason they have a rude or smart ass attitude toward the readers it is a guarantee for me that I would totally ban that author's books from my home.
I am guilty to buy a book for its cover. If I see a book with ugly cover, or a cover I do not like, I won't buy it/read it.
This one is the most important I believe "super hyped books". I expect these books to be super duper epic so when I read them I usually get disappointed and I end up putting the book aside because I do not like them. So I decided to wait a long time to read a hyped book or not to read it at all.

There is nothing more disappointing to me than to get super excited about a fantasy novel, only to realize it is set in 1800s England. Or any real place in history. I don't know why but I legitimately cannot stand that. There have been a couple exceptions, and almost all of them have been accidental exceptions. I am embarrassed to admit how long it took me to realize that Sorcha in Daughter of the Forest was Irish, and Red was British. But I am glad that my brain was slow in that area, or I don't think I ever would have given it a shot! 
I cannot stand faeries. The second I see a word that has anything to do with the fae realm, I am out. It's become that way with vampires too, now. I used to love vampires, but now it feels like everything I read about them is hella cheesy. 
There are situations in which this is OK, such as a Game of Thrones. But you have to be a really amazing author to pull off multiple POVs, and honestly a lot of authors I have read that have attempted this have not been amazing writers. I do love alternating POV, between two characters, preferably the male and female leads of the story. 
Now this one is a little harder to navigate. Most people I know are anti-spoiler. But if you let me read a book where a character I love dies and you didn't warn me? There's a good chance I will never listen to your opinion on a book again. There are exceptions. I did forgive Holly for not telling me that Sirius died a billion years ago. But, it took some time :p 

I wouldn't say I am against religion. I know lots of religious people, and I try to respect their viewpoints. But goodness, I cannot do books that have even a little bit of religion in them. It's just so aggravating to me. 


  1. Great lists! What's sad about names is that those names you mention, are real people's names as well. They don't just exist in novels. I try to separate the author from their work, but there are times when I just can't do it. Bad treatment of their readers is one. I tend to avoid Christian fiction, but sometimes one slips past me. I've read a small few I really enjoy, but I don't like to read books slanted heavily in one religious direction or another.

    Thank you for sharing!

  2. Covers all the way. They make such a difference. And I'm glad to see another person that can't stand fairies. They bore me to tears.

  3. I'll agree with author attitude, not only attitude toward readers, but I also don't like to hear authors trashing other authors. It just rubs me the wrong way.

  4. Totally forgot character names, great one!

  5. Super hyped books are a big turn off for me too. Great lists!!

  6. Character names- so true! It is SO annoying sometimes when fantasies (especially) have these awkward, ridiculous names. Ugh. Same thing w/ author attitudes. I saw a very well known writer being an ASS on Twitter and I was like- forget you buddy. And covers are pretty important... :)

    I'm kinda the same way with historical settings. I generally prefer a made up fantasy world to a fantasy set in our world. Not sure why maybe I like the escapism if a different world?

    Great list!!!

  7. Ugh unpronounceable character names are the worst! I'm reading a book at the moment with a character called Keria and I keep misreading it as Keira, and I'm like "Why couldn't you have just called her Keira?". Also yes to authors being awful, ugly covers and religion.
    My TTT: https://jjbookblog.wordpress.com/2017/04/25/top-ten-tuesday-104/

    1. I do the same thing with names! I actually read them in the way they are suppose to be for me haha

  8. I didn't think about author attitude but I am completely the same! If the author is a jerk online then I won't even consider picking up their books.
    I'm kind of guilty of the unusual names one - when I write for some reason I pick the most obscure names. But I do check and they are real names, and I agree weird spellings of ordinary words for names just feels really obnoxious and silly.
    I don't come across multiple POV books too often, but I've read a couple that have set my standards very high. Six of Crows and Seven Ways We Lie felt really distinct in the use of different voices and characters and they're very high up books on my favourites list.
    I think I only avoid religion in books if it's preachy. But I do find myself enjoying books with religious characters in them even though I'm not religious at all. Also I really enjoy the symbolism of it, and also when books make interesting commentaries on it (it doesn't have to be critical). Although ultimately I do think I avoid anything that just revolves around religion because that just isn't me.
    Interesting list!

  9. A pronunciation guide for character and place names would be handy in fantasy books wouldn't it!

  10. Great list! YES to book covers (I'm such a cover buy girl - and I really need to work on that); deaths and childish behavior. I also 100% know what you mean about character's names. But I will say, I also like unique names (i.e., Katniss or Tris or Four) because it tends to make me remember those characters. :)

    Thanks so much for visiting Finding Wonderland this week. :)

  11. Awesome list! I agree with so many of these points... particularly the religion, it can really start to bug me when a book gets too religious for no apparent reason.

    Oh, man. And the fairies. I just can't do fairies, for some reason. I'm not even entirely sure why. And I also judge books by their covers, I just can't help it!

  12. What a great list! Multiple POVs can be great when done right, but I agree they are REALLY hard to pull off and too many do a disservice to it. I also agree with the historical settings in fantasy, too, especially when you're not prepared for it!

  13. Religion is a big no for me. I respect faith, but I don't want it in my life, so I avoid people or books that try and preach to me. If a book had a religious element that simply belongs into the story it wouldn't bother me. I'm not sure yet whether or not I like fairies!