Friday, April 07, 2017

Review: Wait for Me by Caroline Leech

I guess a messy house and deprivation of sleep was worth it!

Oh my God! What a great book, this was so beautifully written, it was perfect.
I am so glad I ordered it! I always pre-order books but I never read them.
Like 2 or 3 weeks ago I read a book set in WW2 time, and I wanted more about this time, one book lead me to another WW2 book and so on until Wait for Me was screaming to me to read it, and now I am very sad I finish it, because I really want more.
This story is about Paul, a German POW and Lorna, a Scottish lass :P set in WW2
As a prisoner he was sent to work on Lorna's family farm, where they fell in love.
This was told very well, this was so sweet , and cute, and romantic, this book was perfection.
I loved every single character. Each one had an unique personality. Nellie was one of my favorite , she was all happy , she was funny , always made me laugh.
And Mr. Anderson.... everyone that know my taste in men know that I love older men, and in books I always fall in love with dads or any older character. He was awesome! I liked that he played stupid with everything that was going on that we all thought he did not know about it, but of course he knew everything hahaha And I LOVED that he made Nellie part of their family.
Lorna was a great lead character, and she knew what she wanted. I loved her!
And now, my handsome German soldier, Paul Vogel, we couldn't have asked for a better male lead. He was perfect! I loved the waltz scene. Was my favorite of the book. When he said that about the waltz to her, it melted my hear and I probably read that scene like 10 times.

PS: I saw a few reviews stating that this book failed to mention about the Holocaust and is about redeeming the Nazis.
If anyone is looking for a book about Hitler and the Holocaust then this isn't the book. There are a lot of books about it.
This is a love story between a German soldier and a Scottish girl set in Scotland. It is all about the love story.
Not all the German soldiers were Nazis ( I am pretty sure the majority was), so this is not a story to make Nazis look good. I have read a book named " My mother's Secret by J.L Witterick and it is based on a true story. A woman and her daughter helped to save the lives of 2 Jews family and a German soldier who asked this lady to hide him in her house because he did not want to be in a war killing innocent people. He did not join the army because he wanted to he was forced to joined.
There are also a lot of stories online about Germans soldiers helping save the lives of Jews people.
To say this is about redeem the Nazis is absurd.
It is just a love story between a German boy that was forced to joined the military and a Scottish girl, far away from war zone.

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