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Review: Chasers by H.W. Vivian

Chasers by H.W. Vivian

First of all I would like to thanks to the author H.W. Vivian for the copy of the book in exchange for a fair review.
This is about the story of a group of kids that have been born with some gems , or stones, in their back, they are called "Conditionals" because they were born with that "condition".
While reading you will not know anything about their condition until almost the end of the book .
Because of these there was a few times I wanted to stop reading the book because I did not know what was going on, why were they born like that? At least just give us a hint in the middle of the book.

I feel like I was left with a lot of question...

I did not understand why exactly they could not be in contact with dirt.
Why did the tremors happen?
The Tittle of this book doesn't even have to do with it. There was not a lot of Chasers in the book.
Shelby, Gary, Tyler and May.
Shelby was the main character, she was a mean, bully little brat, who thought she was above anything or anyone just because her family had money, and she was overdue for a good spanking .
She beat up May, she walked up to her and beat her up. I was like "what the heck??"
She reminded us all the time that one of her friend was a little overweight. OK we got it the first time you don't need to tell us that one of the characters is overweight every time she shows up in a scene.
Also Shelby was reminding us about her wealth, being the rich girl from the town, all the time.
OMG, one chapter she was in love with Gary, another chapter she was in love with Tyler, ( she is 13 and he was in his early 20s), then again another chapter she was in love one more time with Gary, then with Tyler.
May and Gary were actually really cool characters, those two I liked them a lot!
Tyler, I did like him. I just did not like that he was just gone and never came back.
Parents: There was not parenting in this book, Shelby did whatever she wanted any time of the day and night.
Steve was a secondary character, I think he was pointless. I could care less about him.
The Boy that was with the spirit man at the end ( I cant remember his name , if he had one). You never knew what happened to him.
Spirit Man was a Native American killing all the "Conditionals". And you don't know why he wants to kill them until you are getting close towards the end.

All conditionals were descendants of some people that bought some mines that belonged to the indians. The Spirit Man back then (was a human) cursed these people , he was going to kill all their descendants. And he was doing that. But Shelby was the special one, of course, and she had to break the curse. So she did.
This one thing drove me crazy! " Couldja" or "wouldja" or "didja". Why not write " Could you? Would You? Did you?" Proper English please.

I know this review looks like I did not like the book. But I actually enjoyed it because it had a lot of action.
PS: Shelby behaves a little better, she stops being a bully :)

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