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Lord and Master Trilogy Kait Jagger

Lord and Master Trilogy
Kait Jagger
Publication date: March 20th 2017
Genres: Erotica, Romance, Suspense
You think you know Luna Gregory?
Maybe you see what her boss, the Marchioness of Lionsbridge, sees: the best PA she’s ever had, a 26-year-old fixer who makes problems disappear with four quiet words—‘Leave it with me.’ Or you see a remote, untouchable Ice Princess who the 500-year-old Arborage Estate’s heir presumptive longs to crush under his heel. Possibly, if you’re looking carefully, you see Luna as her friends see her: the quiet one, touched by childhood tragedy, who laughs at their jokes and has their backs no matter what.
But ultimately it takes charismatic, devastatingly attractive Swedish entrepreneur Stefan Lundgren, third in line to inherit the estate, to glimpse the intelligent, fiercely independent woman under Luna’s calm exterior. And what he sees he wants, this woman in ten thousand who is meant for him, body writhing beneath his in the dark of night, her inner self slowly revealing itself to him. Or so he believes.
But Luna has built an entire life predicated on concealment, on maintaining control and hiding dark things in drawers. It will take the entirety of the Lord and Master trilogy, from the manicured gardens of Arborage, to the wilds of Shetland, to the streets of Stockholm, for her to step out of the shadows in the face of a new threat to Arborage.
You think you know Luna? You don’t.
The Lord and Master trilogy:
Lord and Master
Her Master’s Servant
The Marchioness
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Author Bio:
I live on a farm in Lancashire, England with my husband, four children, one dog and one cat. Like Luna Gregory, the lead character of the Lord and Master trilogy, I make my living as a personal assistant.


Closing the door behind her, Luna lifted her skirts carefully and climbed the darkened, tightly winding stone steps till she got to the landing. Leaning against the high stone ledge, she looked down on the gallery from behind the ornate metalwork, wondering if some long-dead marquess had installed the grill for the very reason she was here now, in order to be invisible, a fly on the wall of his own party.

    She heard the sound of footsteps on the stairs and turned to see Stefan climbing toward her. So she wasn’t invisible after all, at least not to him.

    Luna lifted a finger to her lips. ‘The acoustics are strange in here,’ she whispered as he came to stand behind her on the landing. ‘No one can see you, but if you talk too loudly they can hear you.’

    ‘I will be very quiet,’ Stefan assured her. ‘I had forgotten this staircase was here till I saw you making your escape.’ After a moment’s silence, he said, ‘Are you hiding, Miss Gregory?’ and she could hear rather than see his smile.

    ‘No, not hiding. Just on my way out. Sometimes I like to come this way. You have to admit, it’s a pretty incredible view of the gallery.’

    ‘You’re leaving very early.’

    Luna shrugged, feeling her dress brush against his jacket. ‘My work is finished,’ she said quietly.

    ‘Ah, work.’

    ‘And…’ she trailed off.

    ‘And what?’

    ‘I’m not very good at parties.’

    ‘You surprise me.’ His mouth was so close to her ear that she could feel his breath. ‘You looked at home to me. By the way, you are very beautiful tonight.’

    ‘You look beautiful too,’ she responded honestly and felt him rumble with laughter.

    ‘Miss Gregory,’ he sighed, his nose touching her ear. ‘You are…disarming.’ Encircling her waist with his arm, he murmured, ‘I like very much this dress,’ burying his nose in the spot behind her ear where she applied her perfume. Standing as they were in the enclosed space on the landing, Luna realised that Stefan had the better of her. She could neither turn to face him nor prevent, or indeed reciprocate, his explorations. She felt his hand running up her side, heard a slight intake of breath as his fingers traced the whalebone in her basque. ‘Ah, I wondered…’

    The Marchioness was beginning her speech below. ‘It’s lovely to see so many familiar faces here tonight, as well as some new ones…’

    Stefan raised his free hand to Luna’s nape, lifting her rope of hair. She felt his lips and then his teeth against her neck and shivered.

    ‘I am fond of saying that Arborage is nothing but a pile of bricks and mortar without its people. It is the people who work here who make it what it is…’

    ‘Stellaluna,’ Stefan exhaled against her jaw, and it was that that was her undoing. Her eyes closed and her head, suddenly heavy, slipped backward till it rested in the crook of his neck. In response, Stefan dropped her hair and pulled her abruptly back against him, one hand rising to encircle her breast.


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