Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Top Ten Tuesday: Villains

 My first one is a TV villain, and really, who doesn't love Crowley? 

Valentine is just sexy as hell! 

 I know he is ugly as fuck. But I LOVE his character!

With the tax extension deadline rapidly approaching, and school piling up, I am really strapped for time of late. So instead of trying to think of villains from books, I just scrolled through my watched dramas list and picked out the first Kdrama villains that came to mind. I've only watched 97 dramas and keep a pretty detailed list thanks to MyDramaList, so it was so much easier just to browse there and pick. Took all of 3 minutes this way :p 

Park Seong Hee from Shining Inheritance
 At 28 episodes, this is the longest Kdrama I have watched. It is a fairly accurate rule of thumb, that the longer a drama is, the less production value and quality it has. And that's definitely true of Shining Inheritance. This drama was an absolute insane mess. It was also the first straight up makjang drama I'd seen, and this was before I even knew what a makjang drama was. (For the curious, it's basically a drama where every single thing that happens in it is so ridiculous and insane that it is impossible to believe. Think daytime soaps.) 

In this drama, there are two families that are married together. A dad with a son who has severe developmental issues and a daughter, and then a mother with a daughter. One thing leads to another and the dad is reported as dead. This leaves his son and daughter in a mess of trouble because their stepmother is the typical evil witch who makes up all sorts of lies in order to get them out of the house so that they aren't an anchor around her daughter's neck. Her daughter is in love with this rich boy, and the mother will stop at nothing to help her land him. So out to the streets go the brother and sister, and Eun Sung (the good daughter) takes up several odd jobs in order to help them keep a roof over their heads. While at this job, her brother goes missing. Not wanting to get too spoilery, in case makjang sounds like it's up your alley, the evil step mother had everything to do with his disappearance. Not to mention, come to find out, the dad isn't really dead, but since the evil step mother had already done so many evil things, she decided to add one more act of evil onto it and not tell Eun Sung and lie to the dad that she moved to America. 

There are so many awful and evil things that can be attributed to this woman, all in the interest of trying to secure a financially stable life for her daughter. She ends up messing her daughter up so much, and you never once feel even an ounce of sympathy for her or her bitchy daughter. 

Thankfully, the romance is pretty cute, so it saves the makjang from being too heavy. 

Harry Borrison from Missing You
 Oh man, Harry. He isn't the only villain in this drama, but he is definitely the one that I kept hoping would realize that everything he is doing is just tearing his life apart more and more. Harry had some really awful things happen to him as a child. He spent his whole life working on a revenge plan to get back at the man who hurt him and the girl he fell in love with. He did some really awful things that are hard to forgive, but even still, you spend most of the drama wanting him to just settle down a little bit. The more his revenge plans worked out, the more he pushed the woman he loved into the arms of the son of the man he is trying to get revenge on. While I totally shipped Han Jung Woo and Lee See Yeon together, it was hard not to want to yell at Harry for even letting her back into Korea in the first place. If they'd just stayed away and given up on revenge, they'd be happily married with some babies bouncing around by now. 

It took you way too long to figure this out, Harry! 

If you'd just cut your shit, you wouldn't be having this whole one shining tear nonsense.

You could have had it all. 

Kim Bong Goo from King2Hearts
This is one of the worst, most ridiculous villains I have ever come across. He was like a 12 year old boy trapped in a man's body. I still don't even kind of understand his motives on why he hated the crown prince so much that he was willing to devote his whole life and considerable fortune towards toppling the Korean Monarchy. He did manage an act of evil that still can make me tear up to this day if I think about it. I can't help but wonder if he was a better villain, if it would have felt more understandable that he could pull off something so heartbreakingly evil just at the moment when you think everything and everyone is safe. 

Despite his absolutely ridiculous status as a villain, this drama is really good! It imagines an alternate history where Korea's monarchy was never abolished. It has one of the best first kiss scenes in a kdrama ever, and made me fall pretty for Lee Seung Gi.

Drunk in front of a refrigerator, and still one of the best first kiss scenes.

Min Seok Hoon from Mask
 I have mentioned this drama before, and it is seriously amazing. Easily one of my favorites of 2015. But man, this villain seriously knew how to get under my skin. I spent the entire time wishing that he would just die already. Or get caught. Or that someone, somewhere would give him an elbow to the face. He was a pretty evil guy, and was pulling the strings of the entire family, with only our heroine to try and put a stop to him. 

This is my "everything is going according to my evil plan" face. 

Han Se Kyung in Cheongdamdong Alice
 It should be noted that I did not enjoy this drama. It should also be noted that technically, Han Se Kyung is the "heroine" of the drama. I fell so hard for Park Shi Hoo's character in this one, and it felt like Han Se Kyung was the evil bitch who kept kicking the cute puppy that was Park Shi Hoo's Cha Seung Jo. Han Se Kyung decides that she is tired of being poor. She is going to go complete gold digger and start learning how to lie, cheat and steal in order to win herself a wealthy man. Fortunately for her, and unfortunately for the rest of us viewers, she happens to know an extremely wealthy man who is masquerading as a secretary. She falls for him as the secretary, but refuses to date him because she wants herself a millionaire. One thing leads to another, and she finds out that he is in fact rich, and all of these lies and schemes come around that make you want to punch her in the face. Or at least it did for me! Seriously, she is the worst.

He is forever dancing.

How could you do anything evil to this face? 

Seriously, anyone who could lie to and hurt this guy is not someone I want to know.

Lee Jun Hee from Falling for Innocence
 Woah, buddy, was this guy an awful dude. I was really shocked with this drama, because from the poster it looked like it was going to be a sweet, romantic comedy. But boy was I wrong. I mean, it did have a lot of comedy in it, and it did have plenty of romance and cuteness. But it also had a whole lot of dark and depressing and intense. It's the basic romance premise we have all come to know and love. Boy meets girl, boy loses girl to better guy, boy decides he is tired of not having the girl, so boy kills better guy and then spends the rest of the drama lying, cheating and stealing to cover up his evilness and try and win the girl. 

Thankfully, there is Jung Kyung Ho in this drama, who is just so adorable (and ridiculously attractive), so it's saved from being a total dark-fest. The romance between him and Soon Jung is just too cute. 

Literally, everything he does is just so infuriating. 

Did I mention that the male lead in this drama gets a heart transplant from the guy that evil dude killed?
It makes for some interesting story points.

Kang Do Yeong from Liar Game
 I have talked about this drama before, because I really think that it would make a seriously awesome book. It's so twisty and complicated and fun to watch. It would definitely be something that you would have to read in one sitting, just to find out what the heck is going on. And all of that is due to Kang Do Yeong. He is a pretty twisted villain, and he has spent a long time planning out his revenge on the two lead characters. Lots of people die because of him, and he shows absolutely zero remorse for any of the evil things he does. I definitely would not want to cross paths with this guy, that's for sure! 

With his dead shark eyes, you can't blame me for not wanting to run into this guy.

He's a creepy dude. 


  1. Valentine is definitely one of the top villains out there. So horrible! Thanks for stopping by My TTT!

  2. Ah, I LOVE Crowley :)
    I don't watch any Kdrama, but I really love how you did the 'Villain I'd Like To...' :) And the gifs got me really interested!

  3. IAN4 and TMI do have some great villians! I never saw any of the TV shows but they look interesting.

  4. I like how you did this! Great categories ha ha. Although Han Se Kyung looks so nice! She must be bad news though...

  5. I love how you did this like an awards list. Great list!

  6. Ohh great list! I've only read the first book in The Mortal instruments series and I totally agree that Valentine is hot! LOL

    I haven't seen a lot of kdramas but I love how you set up the list! 😊

  7. Valentine has showed up on several lists - he is definitely a fun villain! As for the K Dramas - I haven't watched many but the villain from Oh My Ghostess was particularly interesting to me menacing and creepy but somewhat sympathetic too. I like complicated villains!

    1. I had saved his picture, and was totally going to add him to my list! And then I realized that it was kind of a spoiler, since he plays the good guy for several episodes in the beginning. I remember being surprised when they started revealing that he was the bad guy :p He was a seriously good bad guy. Have you checked out Bring It On Ghost? I finished it a few weeks ago, and it reminded me so much of Oh My Ghostess, but focusing more on the scary/evil ghosts. But the bad guys were soooooooooo similar, though OMG did a much better job with their villain.

  8. Ooo cool!! Villain list!
    Oh my word, I remember Shining Inheritance lol! Totally makjang. I remember how annoyed I was watching it but I put up with it... I'm not even sure why I watched it anymore, but I guess I wanted to see what would happen lol. Yeah, she was definitely one of the worst mothers out there.
    I haven't seen Missing You, but I already feel for Harry. Maybe its just his innocent puppy dog face (I do love Yoo Seung-Ho).
    Yes! Someone who feels that the King2Hearts villain was just bizarre for no real reason. I'm assuming they wanted to make him scarily insane... but he just felt weird and ridiculous lol. I did like the drama overall though.
    Okay, I have to agree to disagree about Mask's villain because I loved him - at least earlier on in the show. He felt smart and complex, not just a boring one dimensional villain. I like feeling that there's a real and intriguing threat against the good guys.
    Yes Liar Game! Kang Do Yeon is scary and I wouldn't want to be alone with the guy either - but I definitely loved him as a villain. He was so dang good at being bad, lol.

    1. Shining Inheritance was an early drama for me, back when I watched everything with two friends from MDL. One of them picked it, so we all had to suffer through it :p Thankfully, this was post K2H, so I was already in love with Lee Sung Gi :p It was easily the most insane drama I have seen.

      It's really hard not to fall for anyone Yoo Seung Ho plays. And he seriously does an amazing job in Missing You. On the one hand, you really want him to take revenge on the lead guy's father, cause he is a bad dude. But on the other hand, you just want him to go back to before the revenge plan started and just live his life. I hope you give Missing You a shot someday :) It's intense, but good!

      They had no freaking clue what to do with the villain in K2H. I think you're right, they wanted to go for random psychopath, where you couldn't guess what he was going to do next. But really, it just came across as a 12 year old boy trying to get revenge on his schoolyard friends for pulling a prank on him. He was definitely a miss!

      I think Seok Hoon is an excellent villain! He could rile me up like no other villain could. I think it's a tribute to how well he played the role that I wanted to kill him so much :p Most villains don't quite ever reach that level for me.

  9. OMG!!! I've never watched Kdramas, though I have a few acquaintances who are addicted so I am totally going to point them to this list... If I did watch TV, I would totally want to give some of these a try just based on this list!! :)

  10. I loooove Crowley!! CROWLEY IS JUST THE BEST VILLAIN EVER. I kind of feel really bad for him half time time because of the grief all the other demons give him over having a soft spot for the Winchesters. I MEAN, C'MON. Who wouldn't have a soft spot for those adorable Winchesters!? :') XD
    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!

  11. Valentine made my list as well, although I'm adding him to the lost thanks to Jonathan's portrayal in the film. I don't see myself reading the books, so... :)