Monday, September 19, 2016

Top Ten Tuesday: Audio Week

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. 
 This week's topic is all about audio! Unfortunately, Mariela and I don't really do audiobooks, so we decided to go with the music option. 

I really don't even listen to music, not really. Usually, it takes a lot to get me to listen to a new song. However, lately I have been listening to a lot of new Korean groups. So, my list will be 5 groups I have recently discovered that you should check out, too :) I promise, it's all good, and full of lots of lovely eye candy! 

 I have become super obsessed with this group of late. I have like 11 of their songs on my phone, which is just insane if you know anything about me. And let's start off by saying hello to Zico! 

Cause, seriously. He's amazing. 

I love so many of their songs, and so many of Zico's solos, it was hard to really pick which song to share for this list! I ultimately went with Her, because it is a silly, fluffy video. 

This one isn't really a new group for me, but ever since we saw them in concert and got to meet them back in July, my obsession has been renewed. And seriously, after meeting boys this pretty and getting to shake their hands, how can you blame me? 

Say hello to Jackson! 
He's too cute for his own good. 

A lot of their songs are really amazing, so it's hard to pick just one for them, too. Since I went with cute and fluffy up above, I am going to stick with that for them, too. Just Right is a seriously cute song with a really good message, especially for girls! 

This one is kind of weird to make the list, because I think I have only listened to two of their songs. I don't really know how it happened, but one night, I ended up down the  Topp Dogg rabbit hole and spent several hours watching their reality show and all of their variety appearances and videos.And seriously, they are all so adorable together! I don't know how they are not more popular. 

Cause they have Xero, and how can anyone not love Xero?

And while I do really like their songs Follow Me and Arario, I want to share two other videos that I think are pretty great. The first is all of them trying to pronounce American names. And it's adorable! The second is all of them playing the Pepero game, which for the uninitiated is a game where two partners take a cookie and start biting towards the center in an effort to leave the least amount of cookie left. Fans love making idols play this game, and Topp Dogg throws themselves into it wholeheartedly. 

B-Joo's hair in this one is utterly ridiculous :p 

I have only recently started paying attention to this group, and really the extent of my paying attention to them has been to listen to this song on repeat for far longer than I care to admit. I can't help it, it's just addictive. And seriously. Bobby's voice. I die. 

I went with the live version of the song, because seriously, the music video is just so embarrassing.

Much like GOT7, this one isn't a new group for me, though there is a song that I have been more obsessed with as of late. Before I get to that, look at how lovely they all are :)

They have a lot of really good songs, but Bang Bang Bang has been my most recent obsession. It has actually been banned from my shower playlist from nearly killing me while dancing in a slippery tub. If you listen to it, you'll see why! It's impossible not to dance along.

Also, the music video is strange for the uninitiated. Tame by Big Bang standards, but definitely weird for anyone who isn't familiar with how crazy their videos usually are. If an astronaut and cowboy face off intrigues you, just push play.

 #1 is the Vamps! I LOVE THEM! My favorite songs are Somebody ToYou, Wake Up, Oh Cecelia, Wild Heart and Risk It All.

And of course  I have a crush on Brad Simpson. No judging please!

Here is their song Somebody to You. 

They are all cute Irish boys! Cry for Help is my favorite song and Dean Gibbons is my favorite!

Here is Cry for Help. 

I love them, they are my favorite band since I was 12! That would be 25 years ago!

This is a song that I have been listening to a lot! You might not care about this one because it from a Mexican singer and you do not know him. The song it is called Si Tu Me Amaras, by Cristian Castro. And it is so beautiful!

And last one is Here With Me by Dido. I SUPER LOVE that song! It is the opening song for Roswell.


  1. Oh Bon Jovi! I remember their music so well, even if some of it was a bit before my time. Great list. :D

  2. Such a unique list! :-) I used to love Dido's voice!

  3. Dido! I haven't listened to her in so long- I loved her No Angel album but kinda lost track of her music over the years. Nice to see it again! Love her voice...

  4. Allyson you are a girl after my heart. I love KPOP,too. OMG! Big Bang is my all time favorite, I have all of their albums.However I loke their 'older' stuff a bit more.

    Here if you are interested check out my list too:

    1. I haven't listened to too much of their older stuff, but what I have heard I love :)

  5. Good list. I've also been listen to quite a lot of kpop recently although most of it is just osts from dramas in fact about half my list this week is songs from kdramas.

    1. Most of the songs on my phone are from OSTs, too! I have really only recently started branching out into other groups :)

  6. Awesome stuff! I'm rather interested in getting into Kpop and Krock, so this gives me a good place to start. :D

    1. These are all great places to start! You could also check out BTS, Seventeen, NCT 127 (their song Paradise is amazing), Teen Top and BtoB. That should give you a pretty well rounded introduction :) Well, as far as boy groups go! I don't really do girl groups, so I am not much help there :p

  7. KPOP!!!!! I'm so happy that you included Topp Dogg. Like you, I haven't heard many of their songs (and I still don't remember all of their names), but what I heard I like. :D They're so cute in things outside of recordings.
    Big Bang was an old love of mine. I actually got a ticket to their concert! Ended up giving it to a friend, but she said they sounded glorious.

    1. After my 8 hour bingefest (I'm slightly ashamed of that :p ) I know all of their names except one guy. Literally every time he comes on screen, I'm like who the heck are you? I don't know why, but I am constantly surprised by his existence in the group :p They really are super adorable in all of their appearances, and it bums me out pretty hard that they aren't more well-known! Have you watched Soompi's All Kill games with them? I defy anyone to watch those and not fall for them.

      I can't imagine giving up on seeing Big Bang, but I am sure your friend was super happy :) I've only been to the GOT7 concert, and then I did go see Kim Jung Kook and Haha from Running Man when they were here in concert a few years back. I can't wait til the next group comes to my area!

  8. Dido and Roswell. They make me nostalgic. :) I love Bon Jovi too!

  9. I looove your post!! you have a beautiful design <3

    you just reminded me of other good bands. I forgot how the Vamps is soo goood!
    and Bon Jovi..this song. so beautiful and good!!

  10. Great post! I don't know most of these, but I really like what I see!