Monday, July 04, 2016

Top Ten Tuesday: Underrated Books

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme created by The Broke and the Bookish. 

This week's topic asked us to come up with a list of ten books that are underrated on goodreads. Underrated, in this case, is taken to mean less than 2,000 ratings on goodreads, and it was harder than expected! 

Goodreads Ratings: 1,853

Hell hath no fury like a woman possessed...

After her hunky police detective partner guns down a serial killer in front of her, "psychic consultant" Eden Riley realizes that she's no longer alone. A voice in her head introduces himself as Darrak. He's a demon. But not in a bad way. He was cursed 300 years ago and he wants to find a way to break free. Eden's psychic energy helps him take form during daylight, and she's going to have to learn to live with this sexy it or not.


Goodreads Ratings: 577
This book shouldn't be called The Seduction of Miss Amelia Bell. This Should be called "A guide of how to treat and love a woman by the McGregor men." This book made me wish the entire planet was Scotland because we women deserve and need highlanders like the McGregors.

Goodreads Ratings: 92
This was a great book! I really loved it from the beginning. There was nothing wrong with it. For me it was perfect and I finished it very fast which is a good sign!
The characters were all great, I loved Trevor and I fell in love with Max, he was so hot!
Charlotte annoyed from time to time with her broken-heart, especially with the love potion. Who does that???

Goodreads ratings: 235
So this book was really good. I was surprised that I ended up liking it a lot, since it is completely out of my comfort zone. Very well written and I enjoyed every word of it. The characters are good. It had 69 chapters but they are short chapter that for me is great because it makes me feel I read fast.
Goodreads Ratings: 496
 This books was phenomenal! Just absolutely fantastic! With my luck liking review books, I thought I was not going to like this, but I super loved it. Why haven't I seen this book before? I am guilty for buying or judging a book by the cover. And let's be honest, this book cover is ugly, but please everyone if you are a person like me, do not let that stop you from reading it! 
The world that Mr. Ohman created was so unique, even as dangerous as it was I would have loved to be there and hang out with Charley.

 OK, so this list was hard for me! I went through about 500 books on my book catalog app, since I don't use goodreads like normal people do. It was taking forever, and I only have my hardcovers in my catalog. So I decided to just glance through my paperback shelves and then it became easier! But, it also meant I had to go back pretty far in releases, since all of my paperbacks tend to be pretty old! So with the exception of the first book on my list, everything here was released at least a decade ago.
Goodreads Ratings: 222
This is a little bit of cheating, because I don't think this book is underrated for the same reason the other books on this list are. It came out last month, so I don't think people have gotten to it just yet. At least, I hope that's the reason! Amanda and Chase are just perfect for each other, and their story is just so sweet and romantic. You can't help but fall for them and want them to make it work. 
Goodreads Ratings: 257 
I came across this book back in high school when I worked at the local bookstore. A customer brought it in for a trade in and told me that it was a really cute love story so I should read it. Luckily, my boss was cool with us borrowing books, so I took it home that night and read it. And it was super cute! I ended up keeping it ;) 
Goodreads Ratings: 140
This is one of many of my books that I sneaked out of the donation bag that my friend Holly left in our garage a jillion years ago. That this book is 20 years old and only has 140 ratings on goodreads breaks my heart a little! 
Goodreads Ratings: 532
I don't really do witches in stories, but after I finished Dime Store Magic by Kelley Armstrong, I was on a bit of a witch kick when I came across this little gem of a story. A tad bit reminiscent of Practical Magic, Jade and Mason are good characters you want to root for and there is enough suspense in the plot to keep it fast paced. 
Goodreads Ratings: 415 
I think I have used this book on a TTT before, as it is one of the books I attribute my love of reading to. Another book salvaged from Holly's donation pile, I fell in love with Jess and Carey so much! This book broke my heart, and taught me that you could love fictional characters just as much as real people. 


  1. Interesting picks! I'm definitely going to add Firewalk to my tbr!

    Thanks for visiting my blog earlier!

    1. Firewalk is excellent! I hope you love it as much as I did :)

  2. Firewalk is also calling to me. I wonder if I can find a copy somewhere?

    Thanks for stopping by my TTT!

    1. They have it on Book Depository and Amazon for about $13 which is a little pricey for a paperback! I am not sure where you are located, but I do see copies of it at Half Price Books all of the time for only 3 dollars! Maybe a local indie store near you might have it :)

  3. The blurb for Meritropolis sounds very intriguing, even though the cover is kind of baffling! I try not to judge books by their covers too much, though. Great list. :)

    1. I don't like the cover either! haha I think I requested it for review and it was really good!

  4. Meritropolis sounds like an interesting read. The name is kinda cool too, in a weird way...

  5. These don't look like my kind of reads, but I am glad you enjoyed them :-)

  6. I'm reading 738 Days now and really liking it. I hope it gets more ratings as time goes on!! Thanks for stopping by my list :)

  7. I cheated at least once, putting down a book that isn't even out everywhere yet just because it was a good excuse to rave about it. ;) I might have to check out 738 Days, just to see why that specific number. It seems so random. ;)

  8. I didn't know any of these, but especially The Demon in Me and WItch in the House sound like a lot of fun :) Thanks for the recs!

  9. Great list you two! I actually haven't heard on any of these, but I guess that is to be expected with underrated books. And I heated a bit too, Allyson. I think at least three of the books I had on my list were from the last two months! :D The Demon in Me sounds really fun! Thanks for visiting my blog earlier! :)

  10. Great list - I like the look of Have You Seen this Girl and Meritropolis. TBR is groaning!
    Lynn :D

  11. Meritropolis and 738 Days seem really interesting. Will keep an eye out for them :)
    Thanks for visiting Haphazard Bookshelves!

  12. Witch In The House looks like it's right up my alley! I'll definitely have to check it out!

    Nicole @ Reading Books With Coffee

  13. None of these are familiar to me but I'm going to go check a couple of them out! :)

    Stacy Renee @ Lazy Day Literature

  14. Thanks for visiting my TTT. Same as you said, I don't know any of your books. Must be partly because we like different genres but I've heard this before. I am European and have been a member of an international book club for more than a decade, so I find a lot of different kind of books unknown to others. Hope you found something you would like to read. I would be honoured.

    Marianne from
    Let's Read

  15. Some of these look really, really promising! I'll definitely check out most of these. :)

  16. I've been seeing 738 Days around the blogosphere and am definitely curious about it. Glad to see it on your list - and be reminded to look it up. :) Also, She's Got the Look looks darling! I'll have to check that one out on Goodreads.

    Thanks so much (as always) for visiting Finding Wonderland.

  17. I haven't read any of these, so I'll definitely look some of them up. Thanks for sharing, and for stopping by my TTT earlier. :)