Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Top Ten Tuesday: Non-Bookish Websites

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. 

This week's theme asked us to come up with a list of our favorite websites that don't have to do with books. It was fun to go outside the realm of books and share with you guys some of the sites that we frequent the most. 

Most of the sites that I frequent have to do with Asian dramas or wasting time while I'm in between tasks at work. Even better if it can check both of those boxes at once :p

As I have mentioned on several occasions, I am a huge fan of Asian dramas. After years of struggling to find places that I could download them with subtitles, I finally stumbled across DF a few years back and it has been all downhill from there. You can watch dramas for free with commercials, or a paid subscription can run you as low as .99/month. 

It was a while after I found DF that I also managed to come across Viki. DF and Viki tend to be in pretty big competition with each other, so a lot of the dramas that you can't watch on one can only be watched on the other. It's aggravating, especially since Viki costs $4.99 a month and it's hard to get by without both subscriptions. Viki tends to subtitle a lot faster than DF though, since it is all subtitled by the community of drama fans. The subtitles also tend to be more accurate translations, whereas DF tries to interpret and explain the subtitles so that viewers understand foreign concepts and phrases better. 

My Drama List is like Goodreads, but for Asian dramas. It's an excellent place to find new dramas to watch, interact with other fans, and keep track of everything you've watched. They also give you statistics on your watch history that will make you feel awful about how much time you devote to ridiculous hobbies. For example, as of the time of this post, I have watched 95 dramas, totaling 1,636 episodes for a grand total of 68.6 straight days (or 1,646 hours) of drama watching. Yep. It's bad. 

I really, really love lists. I am a sucker for them! Every time I come across one, I have to read it even if it is about something I don't really even care about. I lose out to George Takei's facebook clickbait so often, it's embarrassing. But Listverse is actually really amazing. They have some pretty awesome lists compiled, and you can learn a lot of really interesting (if sometimes totally useless) information! My favorite lists are usually the ones that are pretty dark, the ones about murderers and odd deaths that make you want to lock the door and never leave the house again. Good fun! 

I spend A LOT of time on this website. It is the best free graphics editing website I have found, and I am constantly on it making these posts for Top Ten Tuesday. I have Corel and Photoshop on my laptop at home, but 9 times out of 10 I am putting these together at work, so I need a site that I don't have to download a program for to use on my work computer. While not as expansive as a paid graphics editing tool, it's still a pretty powerful little site that gets me through most of what I need to get done for the blog! 

Of course the first site that I super duper love is Amazon.com!  I am a prime member and I enjoy the Instant video, and the subscription to other channels is a great idea for people that don't ave cable, like me. I do almost all my shopping here and of course I buy 90% of my books here! Used or new, the prices are unbeatable.

I love this site!  When I want to find fandom stuff, this is my first resource! Not only for me, but I get birthday presents for my friends here!

This is our Facebook page, it is a private group, though. We decided to do it this way because we don't want to have a page with hundreds of people that joined and don't participate. We are a group of 28 or so friends that have known each for years through the internet. We like to talk everyday, not only about books but anything else. This is our sanctuary, a place get together to worship books!

 I LOVE youtube, this is the place to go to listen old songs, or watch stuff from my country or other stuff. Since lately I've been obssesed with The Vamps (Please do not judge me) I've been spending a lot of time watching stuff about them, concerts, videos, whatever I find :P 

Books a Million Here in Martinsburg WV, has great deals on clearance books! I also like to go there to hang out when I need some "me" time :P The cashier already knows me. Every time I walk in, he welcomes me "Welcome to Books a Million Miss Silva."

Wonder Book and Video store in Hagerstown MD. I like the store, it has a lot of books and smells old. It is perfect. But I do not go there a lot because they have too many books. The quantity of books they have is just so insane that I do not know where to start looking. Plus they are not that organized,  so this is a place that I would have to spend an entire day.

When Allyson came visit me  we went to all of these stores. I need her back so I don't have to go by myself. 

They sell new and used books (more used than new) the store is huge and have a lot of used books and they look like in new condition. The prices go anywhere from $2 to $6. I don't think that there is anything used over $6. This is the place where I go to hang out when I need a break. It is located in Hagerstown MD. 


  1. Amazon = a happy place! Love that website (and it's a dangerous place to hang out!). Also, Etsy is great and PicMonkey is great for its ease. Great list! Thanks so much for visiting Finding Wonderland, Allyson. :)

  2. I love Etsy but it's also pretty dangerous, I've gone on there before just to get ideas for opening my own shop and the next thing I knew I was buying a 'Ravenclaw Alumni' sweat shirt >__<

    I also love Drama Fever but I never use it. But I can't bring myself to cancel the suscription because it's only like $2.50 CAD a month. I essentially use it once a year to watch Unpretty Rapstar and the occasional drama.

    Great lists all around :)

    Liselle @ Lunch-Time Librarian

    1. I have never watched Unpretty Rapstar, though after her appearances on Running Man, I have fallen for Jessi! I have been thinking about watching it for her :p Have you watched Descendants of the Sun yet? That seems to be the must watch drama this year :p

  3. Fun list! I haven't been on Listverse but I love lists so it's only a matter of time before I check it out. Maybe today lol. Picmonkey I need to spend more time with and Amazon... of course. I catch up on a lot of epsidoes via amazon video.

    I love that you included bookstores!

  4. I totally forgot PIcmonkey!! LOVE that site. Etsy and Amazon are two I can get lost on as well. Great list :)

  5. Love etsy and picmonkey but now I have new sites to check out too! Great list

    my TTT

  6. I didn't even think about Amazon, but I spend so many hours on there, it is ridiculous! I'm a prime member who also doesn't have cable, so I love watching their videos. Plus, I'm obsessed at looking at the section of what other people purchased for books that I have 5 starred. :)
    Jen @ Star-Crossed Book Blog

  7. I used to watch a lot of Asian dramas too, but I've been so busy with work this year that I haven't been watching any at all. I cancelled my subscriptions because months were going by when I didn't go onto the sites even once! I think I'd be more motivated if I could watch them on my AppleTV :/

    1. Did you know that Hulu has a ton of dramas? Almost everything that Dramafever has, except for anything they market as Dramafever exclusive. I hate that the old Apple TVs don't have options for adding apps! My mom got the new 32GB one, and it has both DF and Viki apps! Netflix has a couple of Kdramas, but their selection is really lame. If you have a smart phone, you can airplay from the Viki or Dramafever apps onto your apple tv. It sucks cause it ties up your phone and TV at the same time, but it works in a pinch :)

  8. ohhhh Listverse looks a way to spend a lot of time haha! My TTT

  9. Great list! I already love etsy and youtube, and can easily waste hours on both, but Listverse is one I'll have to check out - I'm also a complete lover of lists!
    Heres my TTT

  10. Yes to Dramafever, Viki, My Drama List and youtube! I haven't heard about PicMonkey - I'll have to check that website out!