Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Top Ten Tuesday: Favorite Quotes

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and The Bookish.
This week's theme is to list favorite quotes from books you have read in the past year or so. But since we are rebels, we decided to broaden that range up to just favorite quotes from books. And we may have gone a little bit over the suggested limit of ten. But hey, you can't love books without loving words! 

This quote is just amazing, and I love the idea that love can just kind of gradually sneak up on you until you don't even know how you got there.  

 This quote always resonated with me, long after I finished The Deathly Hallows. It's so completely true. We mourn the dead, we grieve their passing and think of the life that as left unlived. And all of that is incredibly sad, don't get me wrong. But it's the living who have to keep going forward.

 This cracked me up. Even though this is one of the first lines that we hear from Liam, it's so incredibly indicative of who he is as a character. Always trying to smooth things over, calm Chubs down and make Zu happy. 


I always loved this line! Every time someone says "Well, everyone says so!", I always think this in my head.  

 Oh, Jason. How amazing you are.

 This quote, this book, this man. All of it is just too perfect a confluence of storytelling.

I am not a Vonnegut fan, but I have always really loved this. Someday.
 OK, I know this is cheating, as Ever After isn't a book. But, if you want to get pedantic, it's based off of a fairy tale, and I am going to say that counts! This movie goes in my top 5 movies of all time, and I love this line so much. Henry takes her to the Franciscan monastery and tells her she can choose a book from the library. Danielle responds with a sentiment I am sure all of us can agree with when faced with a book store or library!

This was really hard! Those of you who know me know that I have an immense love for Dimka, Barrons, Jamie, Patch, and Dougal. And it was really hard  to pick my favorite quotes between all of them, so I decided to just go with the best of the best. 

There will never be any fictional male character like Jamie Fraser. Thank God for Diana Gabaldon!

This one is my verra favorite! I cry every time I read it.


  1. Oh yes, that Harry Potter quote. Gets me every time. And the Kurt Vonnegut one, I cna't belive I forgot that one, it ought to have been on my list too.

    Great choices, I haven't read all of these books, but that doesn't mean the quotes aren't beautiful :D

  2. "Everyone says so." Hahaha that's really funny :)

    And I adore Ever After! This quote is true for all book worms. - Maggis @ macarons & paperbacks

  3. Oh I can't wait for Outlander to come back now (the show) oh I just adore it! Some great ones from Harry Potter and Darkest Minds as well. My Top Ten

  4. While I still have not finished reading the Harry Potter series (I'm working on it!), that quote makes me want to finish the series even more. Great list!

  5. I've never been interested in reading Outlander until now, haha. Those quotes! I've also always loved that JK Rowling one, and the Tamora Pierce one is so cute and true!

    1. I was never interested in reading an genre like Outlander but I did and I LOVE the book! Is the best book I have ever read.

  6. Wow I don't know these books (except Harry Potter duh) but the quotes are beautiful!
    Nice collection!

    Laura @ psilovethatbook

  7. Love both the Harry Potter and the Jane Austen Quotes
    Really liked reading the others - some I knew and I some I didn't.

  8. Beautiful, beautiful quotes. Thanks for sharing, and for stopping by my TTT earlier. :)

  9. A great list! I especially loved your Jane Austen and Harry Potter picks :)

  10. OH MY GOODNESS. THIS. THIS is why Top Ten Tuesdays are so absolutely amazing! I don't know that I ever could have found y'alls blog without it and I'm already in love. Every single one of these quotes is perfect! Some thoughts:

    Jane Austen. Yes. JK Rowlling. Yes. Tamora Pierce. Apparently I need to read that book because I love that quote. EVER AFTER. OMG. This is honestly one of my top 10 movies, EVER, and it's one of my favorite movies to put in when I just don't know what else to watch. (And I think it's perfectly fine you chose to put that quote in here - after all, she is talking about books when she says it!!) Red. Oh, Red. I just read Daughter of the Forest earlier this year, and I was so moved by Red's character.

    Speaking of swoon-worthy men, helllooooo Jamie Fraser! Loved all of the quotes you chose for him - they are some of the best that represent him and it's actually making me want to pick up book 5 sooner rather than later!

    Great post!

    Lindsey @ Bring My Books

    1. Isn't it wonderful how TTT can bring you such kindred spirits?

      I can highly recommend giving Tamora Pierce a shot, especially if you like fantasy and strong female characters. The world that she has built is just amazing, and the characters quickly feel like family.

      I love finding people who love Ever After as much as I do! It's also my go-to movie whenever nothing else sounds good, or I just need to have something on while I do something else! I can quote most of the movie, so I don't have to pay attention to it. Though, sometimes that fails, as I can find myself stuck watching favorite parts far longer than I should :p

      Red's character was just amazing. Normally he is a character that I would long for his own POV, but I loved seeing him through Sorcha's eyes. The scene at the end, when they tie him up and he tells the story, I don't think I have ever loved a character more!