Friday, November 27, 2015

Review : A Gift of Poison by Kate Avery Ellison

 As the orphaned niece of a cruel lord, Briand is the scapegoat of the castle. She has few friends and even fewer options, and every day is a struggle to stay ahead of trouble caused by malicious guards and irritable castle servants.

Briand is set to be banished to the wildlands, a death sentence, when she when she accidentally unlocks a hidden power and involves herself in a rebel plot and her life abruptly changes. Imprisoned in the company of a band of rebels, Briand must do what seems impossible: call up sleeping dragons in the north. But the fearsome Prince's assassins called Seekers are looking for her, Briand doesn't know if she can trust the mysterious, enigmatic rebel leader Kael, and there might be a traitor in the rebels' midst.

 My Thoughts

I want to thank Giselle from Xpresso Book Tours  for the review copy :)

OK about the book... it started pretty well I really thought I was going to super love it . Briand was living with her uncle after her dad died. She was in trouble most of the time and for some reason nobody liked her. Everyone treated her like crap including servants from the castle. So it happened to be that she was the only one that could talk to dragons and she had to be pretected.
Kael was the leader of some resistance group against the new cruel prince , so he and his crew had to take Briand to some safe place so she could help them destroy the new prince.
OK first of all, when you read about Kael the author makes him look so fearsome ,and it says on the book that everyone is terrified of him,but when you get to the scenes with Kael he is always such a nice  and sweet guy he doesn't even give you the impression that he has authority over his group at all so I do not understand why everyone was afraid of him.

Then you had Nath he was a fucking moron he treated Briand like crap , he beat the poor girl and nobody did anything about it,  he hated the girl and you do not even know why? what was his problem?

Going back to Briand... I stopped reading the book at 64% because from good went to boring,but so far  did not know what was this girl's problem, why was she getting in trouble all the time, why was she gambling, fighting,why everyone was so mean to her.
How did her dad die? If her uncle was in love with her mom, why would he even call her a whore?
The time and the place, the world this was set in it wasn't too clear, I was just confused, very confused.
Too bad this book had potential.

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