Thursday, December 06, 2018

12 Days of Clink Street blog tour: At the Dark Hour by John Wilson

At the Dark Hour by John Wilson

At The Dark Hour by [Wilson, John]
A loving affair is destroyed by the Blitz on London. Julia ends her relationship with Adam. 
Her concern is for her children and that, if she is divorced, she will lose them.
 What is the nature of love? Does it have gradations?
 Love, and it’s textures, lie at the heart of this story. Love is where you find it. 
And sometimes it ambushes you. And, often, it is hidden.

Information about the Book
Title: At the Dark Hour
Author: John Wilson
Release Date: 19th July 2018
Genre: Historical Romance
Page Count: 720
Publisher: Clink Street Publishing

I am very glad to participate in this 12 days 
book tour! Seems fun and very original 
idea to help promote some great reading!
Thank you
Clink Street Publishing for letting me be part of this event! 

Going by the summary of this book, I totally thought this was a love story, I am a sucker for love stories set during WW2, I live for them. Then I requested this book for reading , thinking this will be a great love story but I was wrong, because there was not love story at all in this book.

In this historical fiction set in 1940, England during the blitz, we have Adam and Julia, they are both married. Julia's husband is Adam's boss.
Julia and Adam have been having an affair for a very long time. I did not see their relationship as a love story, oh no! I thought that whatever was between them was lust and passion.
The only reason Julia married Pemberton was money. He was a lot older than she was. To me,for what I read on the flashback he seemed like an OK husband, he provided with everything the family needed.
I did not like her at all and never felt sorry for her for not being able to be with Adam.

Adam, disgusted me, of how little man he was and would not take responsibilities for his action. He was a coward he was weak and like Pemberton called him , he was a failure . When the bombs were going down on the streets of London all he thought about was Julia,did he even care about his wife a little? And all he did was lied and lied to save his sorry butt. How could any woman fall in love with a man like this?

This being said, the book was not bad, I just did not like the choices the characters made.
My favorite character was Mr. Blytheway! This dude had the best personality  of all the characters.The writing was really good, I liked it a lot. The book was very good. My only problem was the dialogue, because it would not say who was the person talking, so I got confused sometimes.
But I would recommend this author 100% to anyone that is a fan of historical fiction.

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