Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Review : Life Lik3 by Jay Krystoff

IT has been a very long time since Allyson and I have done something in our blog. Sometimes real life demands most of our time and energy and by the time we get home from work that energy is gone.
I have also been really bad with my little free time. I have been playing World of Warcraft a lot
 ( I f*cking love World of Warcraft!), but I need to manage that at least one day a day I dedicate to this blog, go back to my normal me, book lover , read some more and post more.

And well to get back on track with my reading/book world I am going to give you a very small review.

I heard or read a lot of good things about this author, when I got the book in one of my book subscriptions I got so excited about it the book, I thought this book was going to be epic, but it did not do it for me.

The book starts with a lot of action, that is a good thing, he just went straight to the point, it did not give us any long  BS to introduce us to the story. This is set in some futuristic, sci-fi world, but it is still out planet that went down to shit, there are robots, machines builds, just stuff like that.
My main problem with this book were the characters, I did not connect with them, and if I do not connect with them I can not enjoy the book,  they do not have personality at all, and they are all boring, the only one I liked was Faith.
Lemon was soooooo annoying, she is all the times joking around even life or death situation. She is not funny, nor cool.  None of the jokes in this book were funny.
I think his writing was mediocre , I heard so great things about the Illuminae books , that I thought this would be great, but I was wrong.
If you are a fan of The Diabolic, you should give this book a try. You might like it, it just was not meant for me.

This was a DNF.

This was my Shelflove box. Check out their site! Their boxes are epic!

My rating for this book.

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  1. Aww, sorry to hear this was a DNF! To be honest I kinda skipped this one, it just didn't seem like my thing- even though I liked the Illuminae books. Glad to see you back though!!