Friday, March 02, 2018

Daily review of A Court of Thorns and Roses- Friday, March 2nd, 2018

So I was so excited to read A Court of Thorns and Roses, but all that excitement went away. I did not want to read this book because at this same moment it seems like I hate it with all my heart even thou I never read it , plus I am in a fucking bad mood right now,  but I had to put down the book I was reading ,  because I could not get into it, but I still needed something to read or otherwise I would have spent all night playing World of Warcraft.
So I decided to do my notes and record my journey little by little while reading this book  and write my thoughts while working on it.
Reading this book it honestly feels like work. When people from corporate goes to our store , they do  not look to see the good work we did, they go and look for the wrong, because there is always "room for improvement'', right? This is how I went into reading this book,trying to find the wrong. And believe me I only read 2 chapters and found a lot.
Let's begin.
These are my feelings as in March 2, 2018

Chapter 1

A) The font is so small that I can not see anything, I might need some reading glasses.
B) I could care less if  she and her family and the entire village starve or freeze to death. I really did    not care what she had to say.
C) I had to read seven freaking pages for "Feyre" ( get the name :P) to kill a deer and a  wolf.
D) Not really anything to do with the story but this is my first time I am marking a  book with pencil. Never did that before. And I do not care.

But I sing to myself " just keep reading, just keep reading , just keep reading, reading, reading.

Chapter 2

So this poor girl after hunting gets to her house and her father and sisters were there,  they all seem to be fucking lazy, she is the one that feeds them.
So apparently  her family seem to have some fae blood in her and I am just guessing that is why her name is  Feyre. Get it? :P very original.
So her dad can't walk? What the hell happened to his leg?
Her sisters , Nesta( Nasty  I would have called her) and Elain seem to be  two  lazy parasites brats  that don't want to do shit! I will put them to clean the freaking deer if they want to eat. And sister "Nasty" spend  any money that Feyre makes,  why would she even let her?
The two sisters don't want to do anything to help Feyre, they even criticize her how she smells and looks when she comes from  hunting,. Seriously? who does that?
I feel like the author made the sisters awful so we could project in our minds how perfect and good Feyre is. Sounds a lot like fucking Cinderella.

Oh, I just read what happened to her dad. Poor guy, sounds very painful. 

Shit! BRB , gotta get up to get my back scratchier...
 Got it!

I don't care about her mom.
get over it Feyre, you aren't the only poor person in the world.

What's Feyre problem? if her sister want to marry,  not of her business. Actually I'd be happy to have sister Nasty out of the damn house, a mouth less to feed. 
Geez! Sister Nasty is mean. I do not like her.

Well  This is it for today. Only two chapters, I really need to play World of Warcraft.
Hopefully, I will end up liking  this book.

I'll read five more chapters this evening when I come from work, which it won't help with my shitty mood because people suck at work .
But just remember Mariela....

" Just keep reading, just keep reading , just keep reading, reading, reading."


  1. Oh my god Mariela, I'm laughing my ass off over here ;D :D :D You should DEFINITELY continue reading when you're in a better mood ��

    1. Hahaha well. I am in a better mood today. I will probably enjoy it more 😁