Sunday, May 07, 2017

Den of Mercenaries by London Miller blitz

Den of Mercenaries
London Miller
Publication date: May 4th 2017
Genres: Adult, Romance, Suspense
Welcome to the Den
A mysterious, but powerful, man known only as The Kingmaker brought together a team of mercenaries to become a weapon the likes of which no one has ever seen before.
An unrivaled and merciless sniper …
A ruthless, yet charming thief …
A beautiful, but cunning spider …
They do his bidding if and when he calls with no exceptions, but beyond the work they do, their lives are complicated, filled with both love and pain, hate and lust.
Sometimes the line blurs between what’s right and what’s wrong.
Sometimes the line doesn’t exist at all.
Den of Mercenaries: Volume one includes the first four books in the Den of Mercenaries series. Included in this bundle for a limited time are bonus scenes featuring each couple, as well as the first look into how the Den came to be.

Author Bio:
With a degree in Creative Writing, London Miller has turned pen to paper, creating riveting fictional worlds where the bad guys are sometimes the good guys. Her debut novel, In the Beginning, is the first in the Volkov Bratva Series.
She currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia with her husband and two puppies, where she drinks far too much Sprite, and spends her nights writing.
To learn more about London Miller and her novels, please visit her through her social media:



  1. Looking forward to reading the whole book!

  2. Sounds good can't wait to read this book.

  3. Den of Mercenaries Volume One sounds like an interesting read. Can't help but wonder what kind of jobs the Kingmaker has his band of mercenaries perform. The cover leaves me wondering, is this the Kingmaker? or one of his mercenaries. And if it's one of the mercenaries, which one? Adding to my list of must reads. Thanks!!

  4. I'm glad this is only book one. I love when I can read more of a book's plot with a second (or even more) books in a series. I also love that this is about a group of men who are banding together; I can only imagine the backgrounds and skills with this group! :)