Friday, January 30, 2015

In our Mailbox!

We wanted to share what we get sometimes from the bookstore or our favorite online shopping site, speaking for both us, Amazon.

In Martinsburg, the bookstore I always go to is Books A Million, which always has a really good clearance section with great prices. Over in Hagerstown, MD, I go to 2nd and Charles, a used bookstore that also carries some new books. They also have really great prices on their used book selection.

I spent around 2 hours today to look through almost each book in the teen section. I really love this store. Since next week is my daughter's birthday and she has read some books in the A Series of Unfortunate Events series and she loves it a lot I went to 2nd and Charles today to get her the rest of the books she needed. I also got her Doll Bones by Holly Black, Night Gate by Ysobelle Carmody and The Ghost on the Stairs by Chris Eboch. The rest you see in the picture are for me;
Blood and Chocolate, Dare You To , Revolution and Sanctum.

Also Yesterday I got The Boy Next Door. I love the cover!

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