Friday, August 01, 2014

Review: Falling for the Alphas

It's the first installment in the Fallen series, tracking Naomi's efforts to reconcile the two most handsome and dangerous men she has ever met - and save the soul of her city from the evil that threatens to engulf it.

When Naomi Powers' investigations into the supernatural events behind her city's decline land her in hot water, she's saved by Dylan, the handsome young alpha of the Silver Song pack whose bravery and searing intensity sets a fire smoldering at her core.

More than willing to satisfy his hunger for her luscious curves, Naomi is shocked to learn that Dylan may soon fight to the death with Kayden, his former packmate and now the dark and deadly alpha of the Vengeance pack. For neither of the alphas can defeat the darkness that is sweeping over Fort Brixton alone - and it is the way of the wolf that one must die so the other can unite the packs.

Determined to prevent bloodshed, she sets out to forge an impossible peace between these dangerously dominant alphas - by persuading them to come together over their irresistible desire to take her as their mate.

Thoughts This short story was very enjoyable. Naomi is a strong female character. The story was not boring. The sex was good too. Dylan saved  Naomi from the evil werewolf Stark, he wants to mate with her because she has this totem that could help the pack be stronger. 

Kayden , an ex-member of Dylan's pack, also wants to mate with Naomi but she wants to prevent these two pack masters fight to the death (over joining both packs to defeat Stark) so she comes up with the solution to mate with both of them.

4/5 stars

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