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Pieces of Olivia by Melissa West

Pieces of Olivia by Melissa West
E-book Copy sent by PENGUIN GROUP Berkley, Nal/Signet Romance, DAW. Through Netgalley. 

After a fire at a party claims the life of her best friend, Olivia decides that she doesn't want to attend Columbia University any more. Instead, she enrolls at the College of Charleston.  She can't help but feeling responsible for the tragedy, since she is the only one who made it out from the fire alive, with scars to remind her of it every day.

Once she arrives in Charleston, she is paired up with her roommate, Kara,  a very happy girl. But Kara also has some secrets. Kara is best friends with Preston, who Olivia met the first day she arrived at her dorm. (Preston is super hot and very lovable character!)

Olivia goes to see a therapist, Rose, (I loved Rose, she was awesome!) to help her cope with the guilt and accept that she is not the one to blame for the fire. But Rose is the only one that Olivia talks to about it, she does not talk about it with anyone else.
Then there is Preston, who has a 10 day dating rule. He also has his own unique set of issues, mostly centering on his inability to trust.

Olivia and Preston started a nice friendship that little by little led them to have feelings for each other. The only problem is that they do not know how to let go and listen to their feelings long enough to trust anyone.

This was a very nice read. The characters are good, though Kara annoyed me sometimes, but overall  they are all great. The story is a little bit slow but still good. Towards the end is when it gets really good, I was shocked!

The parts that bored me was when Olivia wrote the e-mails to her late friend, Trisha. And I did not like the whole rich people thing, describing that they had money and their homes, I did not feel connected with that, and I did not think it was necessary. It was not a lot of it but still, I did not like it.

Anyway the book was a good read. I love Melissa's other series, Gravity. Check it out!  I love those books!

4/5 stars.

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